“I’m a member of the Stupid (Republican) Party”

When will the Wimpy Republicans Stand up?

I state this with no great pride or joy. Dennis Prager, the political commentator and radio show host, has often said as such, “There are two parties, the Dangerous party (The Democrats), and the Stupid party (The Republicans)… I’m a member of the stupid party.”   

There are different ways others have said the same thing. Bernard Goldberg wrote a book that seemed to nail both parties. It was titled, Crazies to the Left, Wimps to the Right. Many in the Republicans' own camp have referred to leaders of the GOP as moral cowards. The Democrats are dangerous because they govern like Pollyanna with a child like naiveté, and the Republicans are stupid because they can’t eloquently tell the public what makes their values righteous for ALL.  

Mitt Romney and the top advisors of his party are epitomizing these traits.  For most conservatives, it is mind boggling that Romney is not 20 points up on President Obama in the polls. Instead, he is neck and neck, or even behind. How is it possible after 4 years of such ineptitude, and a “fundamental desire to change America,” that he is even close in the polls?How is it? 

It’s because Romney and his team are political cowards. They are wimps and they are “stupid.”  Not stupid in the sense of intelligence, but stupid as in believing if they are “nice”, that the media and academics will sympathize with them. Stupid, as in not saying what they believe, and being able to eloquently spell out conservative values. There are dozens of fantastic writers on the right who weekly spell out the values held by most conservatives, and we constantly hear that America is generally, “Center-Right.” So, where is the political equivalent of: Thomas Sowell, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Mark Steyn or Peggy Noonan?

The last three Republican nominees (aside from Bush, who won twice) have all been wishy-washy, don’t rock the boat, spineless candidates: Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008 and now Mitt Romney. All of them speak in measured tones, and don’t FIGHT BACK to the constant low-balling politics of the Democratic Machine. Not only to they not fight back to the countless attacks that come their way, but they are never eloquent enough to spell out for the public alike, how a conservative America is a happier, more moral, and stronger nation. And a stronger America is better for not just America, but for the free world.

I was pulling for Rudy Giuliani back in 2008. He was a passionate conservative who took no crap and was able to spell out with fierce conviction how dangerous radical Islam is to the world. There are other Republicans who might one day fit this role, but for some reason, they are not quiet ready for prime time: Marco Rubio, Chris Christie or the Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan. All are eloquent, passionate, attacking politicians who'd be more likely to shake the title of our “stupid-wimpy” party.

In the meantime, we’re stuck with Romney to take us back to the Promised Land. Like many other conservatives, I’m not pulling for Romney because he's risen to the moment and I’m convinced he will be a great leader. It’s more like the old fall back – the lesser of two evils. Neither he or Obama are evil, but it’s fare more likely that Obama will screw up American much more than Romney would. Don’t vote for the dangerous party, vote for the stupid one…



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mv resident #2 October 07, 2012 at 03:27 AM
This is an incredibly boring article. There is a difference between wanting to share the 'news' and wanting everyone to know you are a republican.


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