Gone Fishing – In Corte Madera Creek

From Tim Amyx - Mill Valley's Closet Conservative

A few weeks back there was a in Corte Madera Creek near the Park Ave. bridge in the triangle. One of the local environmental wackos got all bent out of shape because this boy might be doing harm to a few fish.

Pardon me if I seem like a careless, insensitive, fish-stomping, heartless evil doer, but... So What?

I suppose there will always be fanatics from all sides: pro-fish, anti-fish, pro-fishing, anti-fishing. But there must be a way that would allow some middle ground for some boys to fish in the local creeks. I suppose if we were to have a rush of hundreds of fisherman each day after school, and the salmon population was about to be wiped out, causing famine, global starvation, and nuclear holocaust, I might agree to put up a red flag and hold off on fishing in Corte Madera Creek.

Here's where I part ways with so many of our modern day environmentalists, of which I too was once one, and was for 20 years a card carrying, save the seals, no drilling on the coast,  Sierra Club member: Just because a species (fish, owls, mosquitoes, dinosaurs, polar bears, snakes, etc…) drops in numbers and comes close to extinction or heaven forbid, even does become extinct, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on humanity and say we are doomed.

From the dawn of man to the eve of 2013, there are certain species that make it, and some that don’t. Besides my dog, Spot, the only other species that truly concerns me is that of the humans. So, with that in mind, if we lose a few salmon because a few Mill Valley boys wish to fish in Mill Valley creek, c’est la vie…

In the meantime, if a kid or two unglues his face from the internet or Nintendo and is ambitious and curious enough to grab a fishing pole, some bait and cast a line into Corte Madera Creek, I’m all for it.

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Scott June 29, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Great post. I think these environmental wackos often times lose perspective. To call the police over an innocent, and time honored tradition of kids fishing a creek is absurd. It's these same environmental wackos (actually I think exactly the same) who were trying to stop a silly sidewalk from being built in Homestead Valley. Without the sidewalk kids have to walk in the street alongside vehicular traffic. But they seem to think a creek with a tiny amount of steelhead that might, but very far from proven true, be affected by the sidewalk is more important than the safety of kids. Really, possible loss of a few fish is more important than the safety of kids? A complete lack of perspective.
Anne Tique July 18, 2012 at 03:58 AM
remember when "they" (city of MV? Park and Rec? Rotary?) used to dam the creek in Old Mill Park and stock it with - - - wait for it - - - fish for kids' fishing?


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