Mill Valley's Jamie Rivers Double Dips at Dipsea

Dipsea Race winner is the top finisher of the Double Dipsea, topping Alex Varner of San Rafael.

Twice was nice for  on Saturday as the 60-year-old Mill Valley resident won the Double Dipsea Race just 13 days after .

For Rivers, a nurse at UCSF Medical Center, it was her second Double win and first time winning both the Dipsea and the Double in the same year. She traversed the 14-mile race, from Stinson Beach to Mill Valley and back again, in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 20 seconds. As part of the Dipsea's handicap system based on age and gender, she had a 41-minute head start.

Rivers bested 25-year-old Dipsea stalwart Alex Varner of San Rafael, who finished fourth at the Dipsea on June 12 despite recording the best time.

Rivers' win kept the Double Dipsea championship in the Rivers household yet again, as her husband Roy Rivers, who finished fifth Saturday, had won the race each of the past five years. 

Sebastopol resident Don Stewart finished third, with Sissel Bernsten-Heber coming in fourth and Hans Schmid, who finished second in the Dipsea, taking sixth.


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