Kiddo! is 431 Families Away From Receiving $75K

The local foundation that helps fund Mill Valley Schools has been challenged to reach a 75 percent donation rate from district families by Dec. 31 in order to receive the bonus.

Kiddo! needs 431 more families make a donation by the end of the year in order to receive a $75,000 bonus to help fund Mill Valley schools.

A group of district families have offered up the bonus if Kiddo! can reach a 75 percent particpation rate by Dec 31. So far, 55 percent of families have donated to Kiddo!, Superintendent Paul Johnson said in a letter to the district.

"One of many reasons the Mill Valley School District is such a wonderful place for students to learn and thrive is due to the exhaustive efforts of Kiddo!, our school district foundation," Johnson said.

The local foundation has contributed more than $20 million since 1982 to supplement the Mill Valley School District budget. In recent years the district has come to depend more and more on the organization, which has stepped up its fundriaisng efforts in light of dwindling property tax revenues, rising costs associated with a booming enrollment, and looming budget deficit. It currently funds a wealth of programs, which grew to include physical education this year. 

"The arts, classroom and library aides, technology support and P.E. are all part of what Kiddo! funds and we need your help to keep these programs enriching the lives of our children," Johnson said.

The suggested donation to Kiddo! is $1200 per student, but any amount is appreciated, and will count toward receiving the bonus.

Last year Kiddo! met it's $2.4 million goal, and is hoping to raise $2.7 million for the 2012-2013 budget. The foundation was also strongly supportive of a $197 parcel tax that voters recently passed, which prevents cuts to educational programs and retains quality staff.

Contributions from Kiddo! and the rest of the community go a long way in providing the level of education that exists in Mill Valley Schools. It's something to be thankful for, Johnson said.

"As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday," he said, "it gives each of us an opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in our lives."

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Scott Rubin from Mathnasium November 21, 2012 at 05:30 AM
Please support Kiddo! A well funded school system leads to a better educated community which has a positive ripple effect on everyone.
Magoo November 21, 2012 at 07:29 PM
So there are about 2,155( using new math) "families" out there. I suppose "families" means the number of households which have at least one child in the MVSD schools. Shared sacrfice has a ways to go at only 55% right now. Since there are close to 3,000 students, there should raise 3,6 million in individuals contributions only. It is debatable if contributions by parents constitute a tax deductions since they are getting a direct benefit from the contribution.


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