Kiddo Donation Day Is Today

As Mill Valley School District’s private educational foundation looks to raise $2.7 million this year to pay for art, music, technology and physical education, it’s asking for a $1,200 per student.


As the grapples with a $1.4 million budget deficit that is projected to get worse, it’s pulling out all the stops, including .

As has been the case for much of its , , the district’s private educational foundation, has upped its fundraising commitment once again. For the 2012-2013 school year, Kiddo officials have committed to raising $2.7 million, enough to continue its ongoing funding of art, music, poetry, drama and dance teachers and programs, classroom and library aides and technology support staff.

“I can't imagine our school without these indispensable people,” Strawberry Point Leslie Thornton wrote in a note to parents this week.

This year, Kiddo is adding support for physical education, committing to raise up to $450,000 for PE.

The effort to raise that money kicks off today with Kiddo Donation Day, as all six of the district’s schools plan to hold Kiddo rallies. The organization is asking each family to donate $1,200 for each student they have in the district: $950 to preserve existing programs and an additional $250 for PE.

Kiddo officials are touting this year a $70,000 challenge grant, in which a group of local families have agreed to match up to $70,000 in donations.

Parents can donate via drop boxes at each school, online at Kiddo’s website or by mail to Kiddo! at 409 Sycamore Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941.


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