Edna Update: Temporary Bike Path Starting Monday, Classroom Foundation to be Poured This Weekend

The bike path will be temporarily re-routed starting Monday as Overaa Construction performs work in that area. They'll also start pouring concrete to create the foundations of classrooms throughout the day on Saturday.

The bike path through the Edna Maguire Campus will be re-routed for about six weeks, starting Monday, to make way for construction work in that area.

Depending on weather, Overaa Construction could finish before Dec. 15. In the meantime the bike path will be directed to Ashford Ave. or Vasco Court (see attached maps.)

Classrooms are also starting to take shape - kind of. On Saturday, 38 trucks will start pouring concrete to create the foundations. The trucks will arrive at 9 a.m. and work in staggered shifts until about 4 p.m. Flagmen will be on the scene directing drivers.

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