Letter: Reflections From the Tam High Trip to Cuba

TUHSD Board member Cindy McCauley chaperoned the Tam High softball and baseball teams on their trip to Cuba last week. Here she shares some photos and reflects on the experience.

We flew home Friday night exhausted and having had the experience of a lifetime. We didn’t have phone or internet access for the 8 days while in Havana so here are a couple of photos I took.

The Tam High Varsity Girls Softball team won all 3 games and the Varsity Boys Baseball team won 2 of their 3 games. We had many opportunities to interact with Cuban baseball/softball players on and off the field including both current and former Olympians.

The students learned to dance the Rumba and Salsa as well as a challenging bike ride through the streets of Havana. They truly experienced a country whose infrastructure is still rooted in the 1950’s while it’s people are struggling to move forward into the 2000’s. None of us will ever forget the experience and we will be watching with interest as the future of Cuba continues to unfold. The Cuban people were extremely warm and friendly everywhere we went especially when they realized we were there to play baseball and softball, a sport which runs deep in their culture. A documentary film maker we met one night told the kids, “My dream is that one day the American people will realize that Cubans and Americans are more similar than they are different and that we should join together not push each other away.”

As the plane landed in San Francisco you could hear the kids says how they couldn’t wait to take a hot shower, sleep in their own beds, have a hamburger (or other favorite meal), and drink water straight from the tap not bottled water and of course catch up with friends on Facebook!

All The Best,
Cindy McCauley

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