Why Can't Firewood be Sold by the Truckload?

The county of Marin has produced videos to help us understanding some of the ins and outs of our government departments and the roles they play in the community. In this one, we learn about regulations on firewood.

With this chilly weather we're having, fireplaces are getting lots of use — not on , of course.

Have you ever wondered why you have to purchase firewood by the "cord" and not any other amount?

The County of Marin produces videos about various subjects, answering many questions that have ties to local, state or national laws. The idea to create these videos originated when the county began webcasting its Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings. At the same time, it became clear that with advances in technology more people were viewing videos online.

Along with these changes, the Community Media Center of Marin was forming, which, along with , provides the county the ability to reach new audiences in new ways through their government TV channels. As a result, the county believed that the idea of producing videos was a worthwhile endeavor.

The county produces programs related to public health, emergency preparedness and energy conservation to provide information that the public can readily use in their daily lives while also making the services we provide more transparent and easier to use.

The videos can be easily found on the county's website, Maringchannel.org, or via Marin YouTube. All of the videos can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter or via embedded links. The county welcomes ideas for future videos.

In this video, you can learn all you want about firewood regulations here in Marin.


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