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Who's Who in the City's General Plan Update

With the city's overhaul of its 23-year-old General Plan in full swing, see who you know among the people directly involved in making it happen.

Wondering who's who in the? Below is a list of the members of the General Plan Advisory Committee, as well as the three "working groups" that are focusing on specific elements of the plan.

The next meeting of the GPAC is Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Two working groups, Community Vitality and the Natural Environment, meet July 18 and 19, respectively, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Go here for more info on meetings and here for more info on the General Plan update.

General Plan Advisory Committee

  1. Andy Berman*
  2. Steve Geiszler**
  3. Girija Brilliant
  4. Larry Davis
  5. Dennis Fisco
  6. Anne Jeffrey
  7. Maggie Lang
  8. Burton Miller
  9. Leslie Wachtel

*Garry Lion, alternate to Andy Berman
** Heidi Richardson, alternate to Steve Geiszler

Land Use and Mobility Working Group

  1. Ken Wachtel, Chair
  2. Dick Swanson, Vice-Chair
  3. Barbara Chambers
  4. Bruce Dorfman
  5. Brent Elliott
  6. Marcy Jones
  7. David Levin
  8. Elisabeth Thomas-Matej
  9. Paul Moe
  10. Jim Parrinello
  11. Elida Doladan-Schujman

Natural Environment Working Group

  1. John Poulson, Chair
  2. Ron Vidal, Vice-Chair
  3. Natalie Alfers
  4. Betsy Bikle
  5. Jerry Cahill
  6. Ruth Friend
  7. Trish Hudnall
  8. Robin Moses
  9. Stephanie Moulton-Peters
  10. Jim Stephenson
  11. Barbara Wilson

Community Vitality Working Group

  1. John McCauley, Chair
  2. Ken Brooks, Vice-Chair
  3. Ann Aversa
  4. Bob Burton
  5. Stephen Burke
  6. Josh Deitch
  7. Dan Kelly
  8. Lynne Klein
  9. Shawn Marshall
  10. Jason Michaels
  11. Stephanie Witt

Arts & Culture Subcommittee (under Community Vitality)

  1. Lynne Klein
  2. Ken Brooks
  3. Bob Burton
  4. Dan Kelley
  5. Jasson Minadakis
  6. Megan Wilkinson
  7. N. Teresa Rea


Bob Silvestri January 21, 2013 at 02:17 AM
For more on the Housing Element see: http://millvalley.patch.com/blog_posts/our-draft-housing-element-lets-finally-get-it-right


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