Who's Dumping Paint at the Corp Yard?

City officials say old paint and oil have been left a number of times at the city's corporation yard near the SASM plant. They've provided proper disposal info.

City of Mill Valley officials said this week that old paint and oil have been dumped near the city's corporation yard in recent months.

In an email sent to city employees, a city official wrote, "People have been dumping old paint, oil and such down here at the back of the corp yard. We are unsure of where it is coming from ... but it really needs to stop."

In response to the issue, city officials posted information about how to properly dispose of old paint on the city's website:

How to Dispose of Unwanted Paint

Paint contains potentially hazardous ingredients that require special disposal procedures. It is illegal to dispose of paint in the garbage, down storm drains, or onto the ground. It is also illegal to dump waste on private or public property.

Chemicals in illegally disposed paint can be released into the environment and contaminate the air, water, and possibly the food we eat.

So what do you do with cans of unwanted paint?

Mill Valley Refuse Service (MVRS) 
MVRS offers all its customers free, curbside pickup of latex paint. MVRS limits the pickup to three one-gallon cans total. Paint must be sealed in containers with original labels.

What to do: Call MVRS to schedule the pickup of your household hazardous waste. The pickup day does not need to be on the same day as your regular garbage day and there is no limit on the number of times you may use this service during the year. 

Phone: 457-9760 

To learn more: MVRS Website

Marin Sanitary Service - Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility 
Marin Sanitary Service offers a drop-off location for oil and latex based paints at 565 Jacoby Street in San Rafael.

What to do: Bring your waste in - here's how:

  1. A resident of the Marin County household that generated the waste must accompany the waste material that is dropped off (excluding Novato residents). Proof of the residency is required in the form of a driver's license, tax bill, or utility bill that shows the street address.
  2. Materials must be packaged in sturdy, non-leaking containers no larger than 5 gallons or 50 pounds in size.
  3. Do not mix different wastes together.
  4. Please be sure to place containers in boxes lined with newspaper or other materials to minimize the chances of spills.
  5. Make sure all containers are labeled as to their contents.
  6. State of California regulations limits the amount of Household Hazardous Waste transported at one time to 15 gallons liquid or combined liquid/dry weight of 125 lbs. (liquid weighs 8.5 lbs. per gallon).
  7. The exception is latex paint and motor oil, which can be a total of 20 gallons combined.
  8. There may be other volume and weight limitations for certain items like paints and motor oil. Please call if you have questions about the waste you plan to bring in.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Telephone: 485-6806

To learn more: Marin Sanitary Service Website


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