Supes Appoint Reilly to Almonte Sanitary board

After missing the filing deadline, board member applies for vacant seat after not enough candidates ran in June election.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors provided the rubber stamp Tuesday that put Kevin Reilly back into his seat on the Almonte Sanitary District board.

Reilly, an incumbent on the board going into the June 8 election, missed the filing deadline because he was too busy with his business. Reilly is a real estate agent with ReMax.

Fellow incumbents Lew Kious and Loretta Figueroa were re-elected, but no one ran for Reilly's open seat. Because an empty slot remained on the board, Reilly was able to apply for an appointment. The Almonte board voted 4-0 at its July 19 meeting to appoint Reilly, 55, and the supervisors backed that appointment this week.

"It was just procedural," Reilly said.

Fellow board member Mary Fraser was appointed in May to replace longtime director Freddy Cobey, who wanted to spend more time focusing on her duties with the Almonte District Improvement Club.

On July 12, the Almonte board voted to increase the annual sewer service fee to $400 per year, up from $250 annually. The board had previously considered an annual fee of $500 per residential unit, but lowered the fee to $400 after public input.

The rate increase was necessary, the district said, to pay for the district's long-range plans to repair and replace its deteriorating sewer pipes and the increasing costs associated with the treatment and disposal of this wastewater.


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