Subway Hearing Postponed Indefinitely

Application to open a franchise of the sandwich chain in the old Baskin-Robbins space downtown is delayed as neighbors have expressed concern about the amount of traffic it would generate.

City Hall has postponed a Planning Commission hearing on a indefinitely. City officials said that neighbor complaints about the amount of traffic the sandwich shop would generate incited the city to request specific traffic data from the applicant.

The hearing initially was scheduled for Jan. 9 but due to lack of sufficient public notice. 

Akki Patel, who has opened a number of Subway franchises in the North Bay and the Bay Area, signed a lease with building owner Lynn Spaulding in December to move into the space that was occupied for 43 years by . Patel is looking to open a Subway in the 930-square-foot space, which would be the second Subway in the area along with the .

The transition from one food service business to another in a space smaller than 1,500 square feet normally wouldn't require the need for a Conditional Use Permit and a public hearing. But planning department officials have said that because so many of the city's regulations have changed over the past 43 years, Patel and Subway must go through the public hearing process.

The application serves as a litmus test for recent City Hall discussions about how chain businesses fit into the ongoing overhaul of the city’s zoning ordinances. In a  that drew more than 140 votes, Subway's application received 65 percent support. 

Citizen January 23, 2012 at 09:55 PM
The old Baskin Robbins is located in a shopping center. We in Mill Valley can't have it both ways: a thriving downtown necessitates some traffic. I see business after business open its doors, only to close within a year. Subway (a franchise) wants to replace another franchise (Baskin Robbins), and is bound to increase business to the other businesses in the center (even business to Boo Koo, as I bet there are plenty of parents who'd like to grab a curry while the kids get sandwiches). Why not give it a chance?


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