State Supreme Court Hearing On Pot Dispensaries Could Affect Novato

Many cities whose dispensary ban on medical marijuana facilities will be affected by the ruling.

Whether cities such as Novato can ban medical marijuana dispensaries will be the topic of a high-stakes court hearing.

On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether communities can prohibit these marijuana facilities in light of the 1996 voter-approved law legalizing pot for medicinal uses in California.

As detailed in a San Jose Mercury News story, the hearing stems from a Southern California case where a wellness center sued to overturn Riverside's ban on marijuana dispensaries.

Novato is among the Bay Area cities that have some sort of prohibition in place. Since December 2010 it has had a moratorium on pot club operations, in line with federal laws that prohibit the sale of marijuana.

In June 2012, the Green Door Wellness Education Center on North Redwood Boulevard closed its doors under pressure from the city about two months after federal agents forced another cannabis club, Green Tiger, to close right next door to the Green Door facility. Within the span of 2009, another club opened and closed in Ignacio.

The state Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in San Francisco. A decision is expected sometime this spring.

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John Perkins February 09, 2013 at 09:13 AM
Beth? Your link was to a property site. "We don't have as good data as we have for alcohol..."? B***S*** . They know cannabis is less addictive than alcohol. In fact its the least addictive of all "drugs". If that's the case then why is alcohol allowed (prolonged use of that is bad for your health right and then there's DUI's, Hangovers (which I never get on cannabis) and other work related issues (Pilots drinking before flying)? Seems we should put prohibition back right? Wrong. I am responsible citizen and I am allowed to drink alcohol after age 21. Well I also deserve that choice when it comes to cannabis which has proven year after year for thousands of years to be a healthy herb for humans when used in moderation. Last, there are vaporizers, Hash, Oils, Wax, & Edibles. All of these are non-smoke cannabis products. Personally I love to vape hash oil and wax. No smoke, just pure pain relieve and a sense of well being. Last night I was using smoke and wax. Tonight I'm using a vape-pen. Your data above is using adolescents. Can you please stop discussing your childhood problems. Dispensaries, the topic, aren't selling to 13 year olds. 13 year olds, as you have already proven, got it well before dispensaries were in town. Again, dispensaries provide me safe access, the products I want, and its lab tested and shows the percentages of THC, CBD, CBN and other stuff. Once again I've shown that your argument doesn't hold water. Choice as An American? I want my choice.
John Perkins February 09, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Read my posts above where I say that I use dispensaries because the MJ is lab tested. Your argument again holds no water. Lab tested professionally (and I have met these people personally). It is wonderful you pointed out an obvious issue us cannabis users already know and avoid. Maybe that's why your head is messed up as you said. Maybe you used MJ at age 13 (which was wrong) and that it had pesticides. Now it makes sense. Now do you see why dispensaries are important? They're regulated, MJ can be lab tested, the city and state know what comes in and out of the stores (they get a lot of taxes - huge benefit to the cities and the state). Its safe access rather than some street deal so I can use cannabis rather than Vicoden (that's my story, remember the others). Again, nobody can argue against me regarding dispensaries. I see comments from people who have never been to a dispensary yet claim things that are untrue. These dispensaries are regulated and police have not had any more issues with dispensary businesses than any other businesses in the local towns. As an American citizen there is no reason why I shouldn't have the right to take care of my health and life the way I please if I am not hurting anyone else; and that dispensaries that are abiding by the law can provide me with the products that help my health. Cannabis isn't hurting me, its helping me now even while I write this. Do you get that? Taking the dispensary takes our safe access. America where are you?
Mia March 06, 2013 at 01:21 AM
You should do your research on this, Beth...that study was debunked!
Mia March 06, 2013 at 01:29 AM
Quite an inaccurate statement, in order to debunk anything, you have to really be quallified...if you have no medical reason to have been smoking, and did not even know what, exactly, you were smoking, in addition to being underage, well then you are just blowing off steam, but not really making any point, or sense, at all. Had you more experience to compare the harm that long term use of pharmaceuticals cause to the body, you may have even written something a little more intelligent rather than exposing your hippie days of exploration and escape. If you acually suffered from pain you would have half of the knowledge that goes with feeling completely normal while using marijuana (just like other "pain killers") because it is actually going to the pain. When a person consumes anything that the body does not need, it has a much, much different effect than when the body actually needs it. The chemistry of the body is different. You advertise your ignorance and your own prejudice by implying marijuana users are "riff raff." Sorry you regret you wasted (pun intended) away your younger years, but that is no reason to take it out on people who are suffering in the world.
Mia March 06, 2013 at 01:35 AM
What about all of the chemicals added to our food, that you consume on a daily basis? Should we lobby to stop eating now, or just for removal of the chemicals? You are right...you did smoke too much, for too long, for all of the wrong reasons.


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