Park Service Saves Big Gun from Scrap Heap, Returns it to Marin Headlands

Huge weapon weighing 120 tons was once on the battleship USS Missouri, is the same size and caliber as those at Battery Townsley during World War II. It was brought to Fort Cronkhite on Oct. 1.

It hasn't been active since 1948 and was welded shut by the National Park Service 22 years ago, but Battery Townsley in the Marin Headlands is now home to a massive gun just like those that protected the West Coast during World War II.

The agency relocated the giant weapon, 68 feet long and weighing 120 tons, which was once on the battleship USS Missouri and is identical in size and caliber to those that stood at Battery Townsley. The gun was saved by the National Park Service and a number of volunteers focused on keeping the history of the headlands alive.

When the gun arrived at the battery, a temporary gantry lifted the barrel off the trailer and lowered it into the specially-designed concrete cradle that has already been constructed.

Click here for more info on Battery Townsley.


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