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More on Pensions, SMART at Supes Meeting

See a preview of what's coming up on the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, May 1.

The following provides a list of selected highlights from the Board agenda, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the entire agenda. Please check out the Cyberagenda for a copy of the complete agenda as well as copies of these reports and others.


Next Board Meeting is May 1: 

1.    Next Steps in Pension Reform Efforts to be Considered

As a follow up to the county’s April 3 educational community forum on sustainable public employee pensions, which nearly 200 people attended, the County Administrator will report on community feedback from the event and recommend a number of next steps for the County’s pension reform efforts, including: exploring hybrid pension plans, creating a retiree health benefits trust, negotiating additional pension-cost reductions with labor organizations, seeking state-wide reform and continuing to seek public input. 

Need more info?

See the Board letter or post event report

Contact:  Mona Miyasato, Chief Assistant County Administrator at mmiyasato@marincounty.org

2.    Resolutions Proposed to Honor Local Attorney, Older Americans, and County Food Bank

At the request of Supervisor Kinsey, the Board will be considering the adoption of three resolutions.  The first would honor Carl Shapiro for his life-long work and social activism that benefitted the people of Marin County.  The second would proclaim May 2012 as “Older Americans Month”, and the third resolution would acknowledge the Marin County Food Bank for their tireless efforts to ensure food for the low-income residents of Marin County. 

Need more info?

See the Resolution honoring Mr. Shapiro, the Resolution Honoring Older Americans or the Resolution honoring the Food Bank

Contact:  Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org

3.    Support for State Legislation Related to SMART train system to be Considered

At the request of supervisors Sears and Arnold, the Board will be considering issuing a support letter for AB 1962, Assembly Member Michael Allen’s legislation that would exempt the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) District from local design review requirements within SMART’s own right-of-way.

Need more info?

See the full report or draft support letter

Contact: Eric Engelbart, County Administrator’s Office at eengelbart@marincounty.org

4.    Board to Consider Appointments for the Bel Marin Keys Planning Advisory Board and Health Council

Need more info?

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org

5.    Employees to be Recognized for their Continuous Service to the County

In the afternoon, the Board will recognize several employees for their years of service working for the County.  

Need more info?

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


What happened at the last Board meeting on April 17:

6.    Four-Year Plan on Aging Approved

State and federal law mandate that an area plan be provided every four years regarding the use of funds for aging services.  The Board approved the plan presented by the Health and Human Services Department to address the needs of older adults, family caregivers and people with disabilities in Marin County.  Activities proposed to address these needs include: developing strategies to promote health, prevent chronic conditions and provide tools to effectively manage diseases among older adults; conducting forums to educate the public about critical topics and issues that impact older persons, family caregivers and adults with disability; and collaborating with community partners to develop innovative projects to strengthen the aging service system. 

Need more info?  See the Board letter or Plan on Aging

Contact: Nick Trunzo, Deputy Director for Aging & Adult Services, ntrunzo@marincounty.org

7.    Residential Design Guidelines Technical Assistance Award Accepted

After hearing a report from the Community Development Agency, the Board accepted a technical assistance award to develop multi-family residential design guidelines.  The award is being offered to the County through the FOCUS program, a regional development and conservation partnership and is valued at approximately $55,000. 

Need more info? 

See the full report

Contact: Stacey Laumann at slaumann@marincounty.org

8.    Board Makes Appointments as Recommended for Disaster Council, Mental Health Bd. & Marin City Redevelopment Successor Agency

Need more info?

Contact:  Clerk of the Board Staff at BOS@marincounty.org

9.    Employee of the Month Honored

In the afternoon, the Board presented Dongfen Gao with the employee of the month award for the month of May.  Dongfen is a Senior Programmer with the Department of Information Services and Technology Department.  She began working for Marin County in March 2005 and has been a key team member on projects for the Justice Departments and has also worked on projects for the Probation Department and the Community Development Agency.  She has consistently tackled difficult technical problems and provided solutions that are used across a number of applications and services.

Need more info?

Contact:  Nathan LaForce, Principal Systems Analyst at nlaforce@marincounty.org

10. Budget Workshops Concluded

The Board heard remaining budget plan presentations, continued from April 19, for the Information Services and Technology, County Administrator, and Board of Supervisors departments for FY 2012-13 and FY 2013-14. 

Need more info?

Contact: Janis West, County Administrator’s Office at jwest@marincounty.org


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