Memorial Park Flood Basin Meeting Set for Tuesday

Do you support lowering San Anselmo's Memorial Park by 10 to 15 feet so it could serve as a water detention basin during flooding situations? Tell us in the comments!


San Anselmo Town officials will hold a third public meeting this week to get community feedback about plans to turn Memorial Park into a flood detention basin. 

The meeting is set for Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m., in the San Anselmo Town Council Chambers. 

Officials hope to turn the park into a dual-use facility — a park that doubles as a water detention basin in the event of a flood.

San Rafael-based Abey Arnold Associates landscape architects created the conceptual graphics (attached at the right) outlining how Memorial Park will still consist of athletic fields and the park’s amenities. Most of the park would be lowered 10 to 15 feet. 

The project  — which is still in early conceptual stages — could take around five years to fully implement, according to town staff.

Will you attend the Tuesday meeting? How do you feel about the project? Tell us in the comments!

Community members packed the council chambers for a Dec. 3 meeting on the same topic, which happened to take place a day after San Anselmo Creek came inches away from flooding downtown. Another meeting was held on Nov. 3. 

Flood fees and grant funding will likely fund the project, according to San Anselmo Town Manager Debbie Stutsman. Town and county officials and will be working together on grant applications, which will require a large amount of community involvement, she wrote in her Patch blog earlier this month.   Anyone interested in getting more involved in the project can contact Gerhard Epke at gepke@townofsananselmo.org or at 258-4653.


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Bob Hunter February 04, 2013 at 05:25 PM
I will be there Tuesday and I think the plan is critical to mitigating flooding in San Anselmo.
John Wright February 05, 2013 at 05:01 AM
The 2005 flood cost the Town budget a lot of money not to mention the business and homeowner losses. This is an important step to prevent future floods.
Dan Maguire February 05, 2013 at 07:31 PM
The funding is insufficient to cover the whole cost. Who will pay the balance? Are homeowners going to get taxed to pay the shortfall? What about cost overruns as no construction project ever gets done within budget?how much water will this actually divert? The estimates keep changing. In 55 years , there have only been 2 times when the diversion would have been needed and it does not appear that just diverting to Memorial would have prevented downtown flooding . I have heard the estate of 50,000 dump trucks of dirt being moved. Balance the increase in property taxes which will almost certainly be necessary, disruption of the park for 2 years, disruption and loss of use of enjoyment to adjoining owners, possible if not likely reduction in property values of neighbors, this project ain't worth it! Dan Maguire
anne March 19, 2013 at 06:05 PM
If the sump they plan here, along with a new plastic playground built on what was the Elder's Garden site worked for flood prevention or had any redeeming ecological impact regarding the currently buried riparian element(which it does not), then perhaps we should consider it. However, we were told specifically that this project would not help correct the San Anselmo flooding by more than 2%. If four other projects throughout west marin allow this type pf development than eventually, it "might" work based only upon data for the "100 Year Flood." From my understanding,this data is woefully outdated. Thanks, for trying to ruin a perfectly good recreation area, rather than make a proposal for it's repair.


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