Marin Supes Wrap Busy Week

From nominating the Civic Center for UN World Heritage status and adopting a social media playbook to the ongoing appeal of George Lucas' Grady Ranch project, here's a wrap-up of last week's Marin County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The county of Marin provides a Reviews and Previews roundup of the last and next Marin County Board of Supervisors' meeting. There is no board meeting this week - the next meeting is April 17 - so below you'll find a wrap-up of the highlights of last week's meeting.

1.  Next Steps in Civic Center World Heritage Nomination Authorized

On July 13, 2011, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced he would propose that a grouping of 11 Frank Lloyd Wright designed properties, including the Marin County Civic Center, be recommended for nomination to the United Nations World Heritage List. The list recognizes the most significant cultural and natural treasures in the world and currently includes only 21 sites in the United States.

The Board authorized a memorandum of understanding with the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy (an international preservation agency based in Chicago) in order to coordinate the next phases of the application process.

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Contact:  David Speer, Facilities Planning Manager at dspeer@marincounty.org

2.  Revised  FEMA flood Insurance Rate Maps Discussed

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for the preparation of Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the National Flood Insurance Program. FEMA is now proposing revised maps for the Ross Valley and Mill Valley watershed areas, which will include changes in flood risk classification for many property owners and will bring some properties into the Special Flood Hazard Area.

If these changes are adopted, flood insurance will be required for federally backed home loans in these areas and premiums will likely increase for many other property owners who were previously not included in Special Flood Hazard Areas. The Board heard a report from staff and a representative from FEMA and authorized staff to distribute letters to cities, towns, and homeowners in affected areas detailing where these draft maps can be viewed and how comments can be submitted to FEMA prior to finalization of the maps.  

FEMA has also arranged for DPW staff to have access to their TECH consultants regarding their work.  Map production will begin after May.  Track the progress by visiting  http://www.bakeraecom.com/   By October 2012, FEMA will be publishing the updated information.  Motions for appeal can be made 30 days from that publishing.  

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Contact: Michel Jeremias, Associate Civil Engineer at mjeremias@marincounty.org

3.  Social Media Policy and Playbook Adopted  

The rise of social media and mobile devices has raised public expectations for immediate access to information as well as opportunities for feedback and input. Over the past 12 months, County staff have investigated the best means of effectively harnessing the power of social media to better serve the community. As part of these efforts, the Board adopted a social media policy and playbook. The policy provides procedures for County departments in administering official County-sponsored social media sites, and the playbook serves as a how-to guide for staff interested in using social media to communicate with the public.  This item was continued from the Board meeting of March 27th.

Need more info?  See the full report or policy/playbook.

Contact: Jacalyn Mah, Management & Budget Analyst, at jmah@marincounty.org

4.  Board One Step Closer to Amending Organic Certification Process

The Board completed its first reading of an ordinance amending sections of code that regulate how organic products are certified in Marin County.  Key changes include making direct references to the National Organic Program regulations and allowing fees to be amended by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. By directly referencing the federal program, interested parties will have access to the most current and accurate information regarding the National Organic Program requirements.

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Contact: Stefan Parnay, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner at sparnay@marincounty.org

5.  Board Eliminates Library Fee

The Library is proposing to eliminate the 50-cent fee it charges to reserve library materials.  This proposed change would bring the Marin County Free Library’s fee schedule in line with the other libraries throughout Marin County that make up the consortium known as MARINet. A recent study also found that although this change could result in the loss of up to $41,000 in annual revenues, this will be fully off-set by savings in staff that would otherwise be expended posting and collecting the fees. The Board held the first reading of the ordinance on March 27th and adopted the ordinance at Tuesday’s meeting.

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Contact: Damon Hill, Library Services Manager at ddhill@marincounty.org

6.  Appointments Made for Several Boards and Commissions

The Board considered appointments for the following boards and commissions:  

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Contact: Contact: Board of Supervisors Agenda Staff at bos@marincounty.org

7.   Employee of the Month Honored

The Board honored Dana Armanino as the County’s Employee of the Month. Dana is a Planner with the Community Development Agency’s Sustainability Team. Dana works on a wide range of environmental programs including the County’s Energy Watch Partnership where she provides technical assistance in implementing solar and other energy efficiency upgrades. Dana also coordinates the County’s Green Business Program which recently certified its 405th business. Her contributions to the County’s commitment to clean energy can also be seen by the roof-top solar installations and the wind energy conversion system on the Civic Center campus.

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Contact: Omar Peña, Planner at opena@marincounty.org

8.  Appeal of Grady Ranch/Big Rock Ranch Project Heard

After hearing public testimony, the Board delayed action on the Grady Ranch Precise Development Plan and Supplement to the Master Plan Final Environmental Impact Report so that additional study of the project could be completed.  The project involves George Lucas’ proposed construction of a digital media production facility, including a new office building, film production studio, and other associated structures on a property located on Lucas Valley Road.   

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Contact: Neil Osborne, Planner at nosborne@marincounty.org


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