Marin Delegate Basks in the Sights of the Democratic National Convention

Here are some photos from Patti Ravitz of Novato, who is in Charlotte with other Democratic National Convention delegates.

Patricia Ravitz, a psychotherpist who works in San Rafael and lives in Novato, is among the Marin delegates at the convention. She wrote her impressions about the convention in the  and sent these shots to Patch on Thursday. For the shots she sent earlier, click .

Here's what else is happening on Mill Valley Patch:

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Jane Gray September 09, 2012 at 08:24 AM
This is to Patricia Ravitz, a psychotherpist from Marin County at the Convention, Please go see Obama's 1216 Movie,,,,,, it is such a shame so many , even me when he was first running for office, chose him, not knowing much about him, not believing what was being found out about him,,,,,,,, and are still enamored by him, and his wife. I have switched from voting him into office, happy that at long last we had a person of color as President. Surely he would undo the damages of Clinton's disgrace of near Child abuse with stary -eyed Lewinski, and then he won. Well, now after seeing what he is slyly doing TO America with his "dreams FROM his father", I am voting Republican! Go see the movie please, I double dare ya! Jane Gray
Jane Gray September 09, 2012 at 10:34 PM
ERROR,,,, it is OBAMA'S AMERICA 2016,,,,,,in the comment by me above. I was sleepy when I posted it,,, from seeing the movie late show Marin Northgate theater, Northgate Mall, in Terra Linda. I also met a man who was conservative , a security guard and had a nice chat with him about all of Obama's failures, that many do not seem to see. Go see the Movie, and you will also be telling your friends about it.


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