Marin County 2012 Election Results: Voters Back Measures A and B, Huffman for Congress; Levine Leads in Assembly Race

From early in the morning to the bleary-eyed wee hours and everything in between, Patch had you covered for the 2012 election, including live results from the Marin County Registrar's Office.

Michael Allen: Too Early to Concede in Assembly Race

Marin Elections Office Far From Finished Counting Votes

Did CA Proposition Donations Make a Difference?

Levine Holds Edges Over Allen in Tight State Assembly Race

Mill Valley School District Parcel Tax Prevails

Marin Voters OK Sales Tax Hike for Open Spaces

Huffman Cruises to Victory in Congressional Race

Incumbents Win Marin Healthcare District Seats

UPDATE 10:48 p.m.: With 100 percent of the precincts in, voters approve Mill Valley's Measure B parcel tax for public schools with 70.4 percent support. Marc Levine wins State Assembly Race with Michael Allen by 52-48 percent. Jared Huffman cruises to a victory over Dan Roberts in the 2nd U.S. Congressional District race. And Measure A, the sales tax hike for parks and open space, passes easily.

UPDATE 10:29 p.m.: Mill Valley School District supporters breathe a sigh of relief at the first Measure B parcel tax vote update since polls closed. The $196 parcel tax has 69.87 percent support with 17 of 27 precincts (62 percent) reporting, enough to pass as of now.

UPDATE 10:14 p.m.: Another update from the Marin Registrars of Voters - 71 percent of precincts reporting.

  • Marc Levine's lead over Michael Allen for the 10th State Assembly district remains 52-48 percent.
  • Jared Huffman extends his lead over Dan Roberts 70 76-24 percent.
  • And nearly 73 percent of Marin voters are supporting Measure A, the sales tax hike for open space and parks.
  • Support for Prop. 37's GMO food labeling remains strong in Marin (61-39) but looks dismal statewide at 57.5 percent to 42.5 percent.

UPDATE 9:51 p.m.: With 96 of 194 precincts in, Levine's lead over Allen for State Assembly stubbornly holds at 52-47 percent. And Measure A's sales tax hike for open space and parks holds onto its commanding 72-28 percent lead, 42,388 votes for and 16,556 votes against.

UPDATE 9:23 p.m.: Marin Registrars of Voters has updates its returns - 48 of 194 precincts are in.

  • Marc Levine retains a 52 percent to 48 percent lead over Michael Allen in the 10th District State Assembly race.
  • Jared Huffman retains a substantial (75-25) over Tiburon's Dan Roberts in the 2nd Congressional District race.
  • The Measure A sales tax hike for parks and open space has garnered nearly 71 percent support.
  • Though it trails 58-42 percent statewide, Prop. 37 (labeling GMO foods) enjoys the exact reverse support (58-42 percent) in Marin.
  • And while the Prop. 30 tax for public schools enjoys overwhelming support (65-35) in Marin, it's on the ropes across California, with nearly 52% against.

UPDATE 8:45 p.m.: Novato Patch editor Brent Ainsworth, says: "Marin Democratic Headquarters in San Rafael erupted when MSNBC reported that Obama had eclipsed 270 electoral college votes and clinched re-election. There were tears of joy and flowing champaign as county Demo chair Paul Cohen popped a ceremonial cork.

UPDATE 8:08 p.m. - First results are in for Marin County.

  • With just 16 of 194 precincts reporting in Marin, the Measure A sales tax hike for parks and open space has nabbed 70.5 percent support.
  • Measure B (Mill Valley parcel tax) has garnered an ever-so-close 66.55 percent (two-thirds needed) with just 2 of 27 precincts reporting.
  • Early returns have Marc Levine up 52%-48% over Michael Allen in State Assembly race.
  • Early returns have Jared Huffman with a 74%-25% lead over Dan Roberts in 2nd District Congress race.
  • Obama leading Romney 72% to 26% in Marin with 16 of 194 precincts reporting

UPDATE 7:05 p.m. - Polling stations in the Twin Cities got the expected second-wave of post-work voters after 5 p.m. as commuters headed home, according to Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch Editor Derek Wilson.

UPDATE, 7:04 p.m. — Novato Patch editor Brent Ainsworth: "Heading to Marin Democratic Headquarters to hear what Jared Huffman has to say."

UPDATE: 6:30 p.m. - San Rafael Patch Editor Nicole Ely backs earlier reports of a high number of provisional ballots this year: "Janis Tavenner, who's been a volunteer at the polling station at Rotary Manor on Fifth Avenue for 14 years, said that the number of provisional and absentee ballots this year was in the hundreds. 'Many people arrived and forgot to bring their mail-in ballot with them,' she said."

UPDATE 5:57 p.m. — Novato Patch editor Brent Ainsworth: "I stopped at Novato Fire Station 61 on Redwood Boulevard and the Hill Community Room, and both had more than 300 ballots in the box — a really solid response, according to the workers. Some believe it's the presidential race that's driving people in, but others said it was the state propositions, especially Prop. 30."

UPDATE 4:36 p.m.: San Anselmo - Fairfax Patch editor Jessica Mullins reports a steady stream of voters visited polling locations in San Anselmo and Fairfax earlier today. A rush is expected to begin after 5 p.m. 

UPDATE 3:26 p.m.: Novato Patch editor Brent Ainsworth: "For some reason there were several parents with young kids at my polling place this morning — more than I can remember in the past. They were talking with their kids about the voting process as they filled in the bubbles with their black felt pens. Of couse, the 'I Voted' stickers were particularly popular with the little ones."

UPDATE: 2:40 p.m.: Mill Valley Patch Editor Cate Lecuyer: "An unusual number of people are not on the roster at the Mill Valley Community Center. They've got about a dozen provisional ballots left out of 100 and about to order another box."

UPDATE: 2:05 p.m.: San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch Editor Jessica Mullinsplays a fun game with her community - name that polling place.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.: Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch Editor Derek Wilson says: "Pretty quiet at my polling place this morning, but just wait until everyone gets home from work - then the polls will be busy."

UPDATE 11:35 a.m.: As voters headed to the polls Tuesday morning, supporters of the Measure B turned up on corners across Mill Valley to drum up last-minute support for the effort to raise the existing parcel tax by $196 to support local schools.

UPDATE 7:45 a.m.: Novato Patch editor Brent Ainsworth says: "I just got back from my polling station. It went to quick ... I almost didn't need to shut off the engine of my car. I guess that means I studied up well."

ORIGINAL: Though Mill Valley public school advocates and Marin supporters of parks and open space might disagree, rarely has such asleepy local election been juxtaposed with a state and national ballot with so much drama attached to it.

Welcome to Election Day 2012 in Marin on Patch. From Measure A and B to the slew of statewide propositions and the oh-so-compelling presidential race at the top of the ballot, we've got you covered.

Check back here throughout the day and night for dispatches, photos and video from polling places and election night parties across Marin, including live, updated election results from all the races in Marin County in the 2012 election. The results will be updated directly via the Marin County Elections Department; you can see all the information atmarinvotes.org. Results will not be posted for any races until after polls close at 8 p.m.

If you haven't yet gone to the polls and are looking an all-in-one-place crash course on the 2012 election, check out out Mill Valley 2012 Election Guide.

Bob Ratto November 07, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Measure A passage is proof that PT Barnum is alive and well...what next, a "Pension Reduction Tax"? "Supervisor Slush Fund Continuance Tax"? ....
John Ferguson November 07, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Well Bob, to pass something you have to focus on the positive for the voter - If you relentlessly hammer the negative, you turn people off and even if your ideas are good you can't sell them because you've poisoned your relationship with the voter. I hope that's the lesson that Michael Allen took from his defeat. I'm sure all his negative mailers had an impact, but not the one he hoped for.


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