Golden Gate Fog No Match for New Green Screen Technology

As bridge's 75th birthday approaches, district rolls out the "Bridge Photo Experience," which allows visitors to be superimposed onto a prerecorded image of the span on a fog-free day.

A slew of local dignitaries, including Gov. Jerry Brown and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are gathering at the Golden Gate Bridge's new Bridge Pavilion Friday at 10 a.m. to dedicate a number of new facilities created as part of the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration.

Those new facilities include the new Bridge Pavilion, the renovated Round House, an upgraded Bridge Café and an expanded Bridge Plaza, as well as the new overlooks and improved trails near the span. But in a cheeky move designed to combat Mother Nature and the seemingly ubiquitous summer fog, bridge district officials have rolled out the new "Bridge Photo Experience," a new service that uses Hollywood-style "green screen" technology and allows visitors to be superimposed onto a prerecorded image of the span on a fog-free day.

The Wall Street Journal has a great story on the new "Bridge Photo Experience" and the span's fog-laden history here. It includes this 

On Monday, when the fog created a curtain of white, visitor services representative Corina Spencer stood on a viewing platform at the bridge's south side holding laminated examples of the photos tourists could be taking at the green screen just steps away. "It's always picture perfect," she says.

Tourists can opt for a straight-ahead vista view, as well as extreme simulations including being perched at the top of a tower or climbing the bridge's main cable.

Check out the story here.



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