Finances on Deck When Council Returns for 2014; Several Priority Projects Completed in 2013

The City of Mill Valley released their 2014 first-quarter Priority Projects Update.

City of Mill Valley, California
City of Mill Valley, California

The city of Mill Valley released its priority projects update this week; preparing a 2014-2016 budget will be a first on deck when the Council returns from winter recess Feb. 3.

The City Council met in a special meeting in April 2013 to review progress and to explore areas of interest for continued attention and new project areas. The City Council agreed on a list of 8 Priority Projects for the coming fiscal year which carries forward a number of on-going projects and adds a few new tasks to address areas of community need and interest.

In an effort to keep the public informed of key milestones in Mill Valley, the city has developed a list of priority projects with projected dates, with checks to mark completion.

Check out the City's chart here.

Looking toward the Spring 2014, the council plans to evaluation customer service agreements with the Chamber of Commerce, install two, non-public, dual-output electric vehicle charging stations for the use of City-owned electric vehicles, develop agreements with MVSD, address downtown PG&E projects, finalize pension reform, and present the 10-year financial plan for adoption.

In 2013, the City successfully drafted a 10-year General Plan (MV2040) in record time; implemented zero waste policies, including a ban on single-use plastic bags; completed interim construction on East Blithedale; completed renovations to the Community Center; implemented the Golf Course Advisory Committee; revised the Art Commission Strategic Plan; Adopted Pension Reform and OPEB Cost Containment Policy; approved Zoning Ordinance amendments regarding Second Dwelling Units and Floor Area Ration (FAR) regulations; obtained electric vehicles for city-use and installed a public charging station.

The Council will address strategic planning to a list the new priorities for the next two-year fiscal cycle in the coming months, keeping these key issues at the forefront:

  1. Emergency preparedness with a focus on fire, flood and earthquake.
  2. Environmental conservation and sustainability, with a focus on climate protection.
  3. Land use and housing - residential and commercial development with emphasis on affordable housing for workforce, elderly, and low-income residents.
  4. Traffic mitigation, multimodal transportation and parking.
  5. Infrastructure maintenance and enhancement.
  6. Attraction and retention of local serving businesses.
  7. Budget management and mitigating fiscal impacts of the state and local economy.
  8. Effective two-way communication between City staff/Council and the community.
  9. Excellence in customer service.
  10. Cultivation of community leadership and citizen participation on government commissions, boards and committees.
Bill January 28, 2014 at 07:24 PM
I hope #5 on the agenda includes paving our streets.


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