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Evergreen Avenue Sidewalk to be Finished Aug. 16

Residents along Evergreen Avenue continue to have a variety of opinions on the almost-finished sidewalk construction project taking over the stretch of road from Ethel to Melrose.

The Evergreen Avenue sidewalk project is either an unwanted concrete behemoth or great new safe path or travel for a street in need of one, depending on who you ask.

But with the controversial  less than three weeks from completion, an informal survey of a dozen neighbors Wednesday indicated that there remains no shortage of opinions about it.

The general noise, messiness and abundance of large trucks on the narrow street annoyed many neighbors, but sseveral said they felt that the project will serve as an excellent improvement for the future of the neighborhood when it is finished.

One Evergreen Ave. homeowner, who declined to gove her name, said the project could be going smoother.

"I think it's a mess, the work doesn't seem too smart up to now, we've had some problems with some drainage," she said. "At one house the sidewalk is much higher than the level of the pathway in front of the property, so the owners had to build a ramp, looked a little dangerous." 

"A local lady involved in real estate told me that the project would raise property values," she added. 

Another resident of the neighborhood, out walking her golden retrievera amidst the jackhammers, thought the project would be a positive thing for the community and is a neccesary change. 

"Honestly I think it's a good idea because you have a lot of cars on this road," she said. "Every time a car comes by you get pushed over. I think the sidewalk will make the area much safer, especially with the school down the road."

Homestead Valley local Hannelore Barnes believes the project is tranforming the area for the better and is already being utilized more than most people realize. 

"With the exception of five people, everyone I personally know in Homestead Valley is elated to see it installed and working its way up the street," she said in an email. "And the proof is how many people, especially non- people, are using it who I have never seen walking on Evergreen before it was installed."

The sidewalk construction process began June 11 and is slated to finish August 16, according to Ernest Klock, prinicipal civil engineer at the Marin County Department of Public Works.

"I was on site today looking at the work and observed several people already using the sidewalk," he said. "The sidewalk is 95 percent complete with most segments open for use. There have been some minor changes to the design, like lowering the sidewalk at property access gates to accommodate private property owner requests."

A full resurfacing of the raodway is anticipated to occur during the week of August 6, Klock said. Signs will be posted on the street notifying the public of when the resurfacing will occur. Although it shouldn't take longer than two days to perform, delays should be expected due to the sheer number of trucks that will be on the road, according to Klock.

Robert Del Secco July 26, 2012 at 09:24 PM
I am concerned about the engineering for the drainage. Remarkably, when I spoke to the Marin Co. DPW engineers about it, they listened to what I said, tested the flow, AND tore out a bad section and redid it!! We'll see if it was successful when the winter rains come. The the sidewalk adds a great deal of safety to the pedestrians, and the theory is that the narrower road will slow traffic...but that's just a theory!
Frank Lurz July 26, 2012 at 09:46 PM
"Scott," whoever he is, seems to be suffering from the same hallucinations as some of the other, pro-sidewalk agitators. The "tons" of people he sees on Marin Horizon School, Inc.'s sidewalk are the results of his having drunk too much of the school's Kool-aid past its expiration date. He'll get well if he switches to truth serum. As for his complaint about nastiness in the neighborhood, that, too, is a fiction. It must be. After all, it was Supervisor Steve Kinsey who, deflecting criticism from angry residents said, "Sidewalks build community." The sidewalk is nearly finished, Scott. Check out the latest neighborhood e-mails and blogs. See all the "community?"
Evergreen Resident July 27, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Are you joking? The sidewalk is wothless.
Mari July 28, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Please allow me to restate that never once has anyone who has opposed this project protested anyone's desires to have a safe route to travel along Evergreen. - Sure, some people will use THIS sidewalk after it's done - but is its benefit worth the expense and harm to others? Is it so wrong to expect that County will be able to serve our community by fixing drainage and paving the road - or if needed, providing an at grade path that fits our neighborhood?
Mari July 28, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Truth of the matter is, Scott - anyone who has been vocal in opposing THIS particular sidewalk - has been trying to clean up the mess created by a lack of communication from that school you love so much - and the lack of communication to the community from the HVCA. There is a lot more going on at the Community Center than potlucks and pool parties! I don't mean to vilify anyone - but people need to admit their mistakes - not continue to lobby against their neighbors for their own convenience.


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