Texting While Walking: Natural Selection at Work?

People texting and walking into fountains. Falling down open manholes. Bumping into buses. Why can't we take our eyes off those little screens?

We're seeing this more and more around Mill Valley and all over the Bay Area and probably everywhere. In this clip, the Associated Press investigates our apparently growing commitment to hand-held technology — and the consequences.

Have you had a close call with a texting pedestrian in Mill Valley? Have you seen one of them hurt themselves while not paying attention? Or are you — gasp — one of them?

Share your stories in the Comments below.

Cathy Rosekrans August 19, 2012 at 04:08 PM
It is astounding how so many pedestrians in Mill Valley seem to think that they have a bubble around them and will walk across the street (crosswalk or elsewhere) distracted on the cell phone and not even bothering to look both ways or at all. They will even dart into the street. My closest call to an accident involved a pedestrian deciding to suddenly dart mid-block on the Locust business block, chatting away and not looking at all. I screeched on the brakes, heart racing and gasping for breath. He didn't know it happened. How are bikes, walkers, cars to inter-relate when some seem to choose to use their modality mindlessly.
Rebecca Chapman August 19, 2012 at 04:56 PM
the best part for me about thinking our devices are to blame for our oblivion, whether it's cars, bikes, iphones, or whatever, is not having to take responsibility for our other, more secret devices (ya know, like bongs, for instance) that really help keep ourselves forever cut off from each other. i've lived in mill valley for almost 4 decades, & rarely have i seen people be able to properly navigate the streets, sidewalks &/or intersections with any real concern for the safety of anyone but themselves & their friends...
Rebecca Chapman August 19, 2012 at 11:33 PM
oh, wait! stoner before drunk, bmw before audi, 'street' pharmaceutical user above all others...i forgot. follow the unwritten rules of the road & we should all be just fine, somehow.


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