Prepare for January High Tides in Mill Valley

We saw flooded roadways in December, and the rainy season continues in January. Here's a list of the upcoming high tides in Mill Valley.

High tides in December caused flooding in and around Mill Valley, and resident should also take precautions in January as the rainy season continues.

Based on forecasts of seven foot tides, on Friday Caltrans closed part of the Manzanita Park and Ride, eliminating 75 parking spaces until January 14. Last month, Caltrans also closed the on and off connector ramps from northbound U.S. Highway 101 to state Highway 1 near Tam Valley due to the rising water levels.

The City of Mill Valley strongly encourages residents in low-lying areas to prepare for the rainy season and all upcoming high tide events. Please click here for more information on flooding and storm preparedness.

High Tides for Mill Valley in January
*If a date is not listed, it has a high tide lower than 5'.8"

DATE                            TIME                            HEIGHT
01-05                            5:12 am                      5'.8"
01-06                            6:02 am                      6'.1"
01-07                            6:55 am                      6'.4"
01-08                            7:49 am                      6'.7"
01-09                            8:42 am                      6'.9"
01-10                            9:35 am                      7'.1"
01-11                            10:26 am                    7'.1"
01-12                            11:17 am                    6'.9"
01-13                            12:07 pm                    6'.6"
01-14                            12:28 pm                    6'.1"
01-15                            2:21 am                      5'.8"
01-16                            3:02 am                      5'.8"
01-17                            3:45 am                      5'.8"
01-21                            6:56 am                      5'.8"
01-22                            7:45 am                      5'.8"
01-23                            8:30 am                      5'.9"
01-24                            9:12 am                      6'.0"
01-25                            9:52 am                      6'.1"
01-26                            10:30 am                    6'.1"
01-27                            11:09 am                    6'.0"
01-28                            11:48 am                    5'.9"

If you have questions or comments please call Department of Public Works at 388-4033  or the MIll Valley Fire Department at 389-4130.

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