Update: PG&E Repairs Line, Restores Power to 4,100 Customers

Failed connector sent power line to the ground Wednesday morning, sparking a power outage to customers throughout Mill Valley and snarling traffic on East Blithedale and Camino Alto for most of the day.

Pacific Gas & Electric fixed a fallen power line late Wednesday afternoon, restoring power to thousands of customers in Mill Valley after relieving traffic jams that snarled local roadways for much of the day.

A failed connector caused a PG&E power line on East Blithedale Avenue to break and fall to the ground Wednesday morning, sparking a power outage to 4,100 PG&E customers in Mill Valley and stifling traffic along the road.

The line on the south side of East Blithedale between Amacita and Nelson avenues fell to the ground at around 9:30 a.m. The failed connector, according to PG&E officials at the scene, could have been damaged or become wet during the recent batch of rain storms, they said.

The outage, according to PG&E spokesperson Katie Romans, extended from Camino Alto west to Panoramic Highway and from Miller and Throckmorton avenues north to the city limits.

Power was initially restored to 850 customers, and the remaining 3,250 customers had their power back by 3:45 p.m., Romans said.

“Thankfully, the weather is holding up for us today, which makes getting this work done easier," Romans said.

Lt. Ken Dunkel said when the line dropped, a driver actually maneuvered his car to block traffic along the eastbound lanes of East Blithedale to prevent any drivers from coming into contact with the live wire.

“We don’t know who it was, but it was quite a smart thing to do,” Dunkel said.

Lou Judson March 23, 2011 at 08:53 PM
Kudos to the brilliant driver who blocked the traffic from danger - good to know there are quick thinkers in MV who care about the rest of us. I would've done the same... <L>
MV Resident March 23, 2011 at 11:22 PM
The power is back on now for most or all customers in Mill Valley. It was restored at my house at 2:00 pm , and restored downtown at around 3:00 pm. Downtown was very busy at 3:00 pm. At the Pleasure Principal there were about 10 agents in black suits that said POLICE on the front of their shirts. They were not Mill Valley police and had unmarked cars . I asked them what happened and they said that they could not say, but the store was being investigated. To me it looked like a full blown raid, all those cops could not even fit in that little 600 square foot store that is packed with stuff. so most of them were outside enjoying downtown Mill Valley. It must have had something to do with either, taxes, immigration, drugs or porn. If anyone has the skinny let us know.


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