MVPD: Midnight Residential Prowler Arrested After Nightmare Incident Last Night

A Larkspur man was caught prowling on a Mill Valley roof Thursday night, after trying to manipulate doors and windows from the outside

Mill Valley Police
Mill Valley Police

Mill Valley Police responded to, what they’re calling a “nightmare residential prowler” incident last night, ending in arrest of a Larkspur man.

Around midnight Thursday night, residents on the 200 block of Molino Ave. reported a male dressed in black was on the roof of a two-story home.

According to police, prior to seeing the person on the roof the residents heard sounds of someone trying to manipulate doors and windows from the outside. The residents locked themselves into their bedroom and called for the police.

Police officers arrived on the scene within two minutes of the dispatch, and MVPD Sergeant Lindsay Haynes coordinated assisting agencies to secure a perimeter around the area and check the residential property for any suspects.

The officers almost immediately heard someone in the bushes on one side of the residence and saw a person flee to the rear of the home, and after a short foot pursuit, the suspect, reportedly wearing a headlamp, sweating profusely covered in dirt and plant material after running through vegetation, was detained. 

Michael Du Shane Vance, 23, of Larkspur, was arrested on charges of Prowling and Attempted Burglary,

Anyone with information or questions regarding this crime, please contact Detective Sergeant Steven Heisinger at 415-389-4100 or sheisigner@cityofmillvalley.org
Curry Eckelhoff January 10, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Interesting --- there are 3 anti-President Obama ads on this one page of MV Patch. I guess that's your income but it's like being on Face Book...Yuck...
Lindsey Hickman January 10, 2014 at 03:25 PM
Curry, if you refresh the page, the ads change I believe. Since we don't have a paywall, you're right, Patch has to pay the bills.
school bus ninja January 11, 2014 at 01:24 PM
Seriously? The cops catch someone that could broken into your house to rob, rape or kill you or a loved one and all you care about is some stupid anti-Obama ads. Maybe you have enough money from your postal pension to hire a crack security team to watch your house 24/7 but we don't. Watch MSLSD if you want pro-Obama nonsense instead of real news.


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