Mill Valley PD: Man Threatens Bus Driver With Knife, Saying He'll 'Cut' Him

By Bay City News Service:
Mill Valley police arrested a man Thursday who was accused of threatening a Golden Gate Transit bus driver with a knife.

A police officer was flagged down by a bus driver in the area of Miller and Montford avenues at 8:23 a.m., according to Lt. Jacqueline Graf-Reis.

The driver said that after he told a man he couldn't board without a fare, the man became angry and pointed a knife in the driver's direction, threatening to "cut" the driver.

Police located a suspect matching the description given by the driver and arrested Matthew May, 24, on suspicion of criminal threats and brandishing a knife. May was found with a folding knife nearby, Graf-Reis said.

Lou Judson May 02, 2014 at 10:43 AM
Well. My best friend became a Seattle Metro driver, and one of their mandates was to never argue with a passenger or insist on a fare - better to let bums ride free than risk your life and the lives of paying passengers. Seems that is a good procedure! But then, King County Metro has radios and emergency signals - no need to stop and try to flag down a passing cop. I think the Bay Area and especially GG Transit is badly managed, poorly run, and behind the times. We are way behind some parts of the country when it comes to transportation! In Seattle you can get on a King County bus 50 miles from town and get off it underneath your workplace and take an elevator, not change buses three tmes and still need a cab or a hoof... which is why so many of us drive here.


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