Homeless Camp Blamed For Marsh Fire Thursday Night

Jill Robinson, Corte Madera resident watched from her home. Courtesy photo
Jill Robinson, Corte Madera resident watched from her home. Courtesy photo
Smoke looms over the bay this morning, as the marshland continues to smolder in Corte Madera after last nights fire.

Firefighters worked into the night to extinguish, what officials are calling, an out of control homeless encampment fire that consumed 3-acres of marshland near Redwood Highway.

The blaze, reported just east of the Village Shopping Mall in the marshland area at 10:30 p.m Thursday, was contained around 1 a.m.

A fire chief told Bay City News that the site contained multiple homeless camps, however, locals say this is a surprise to them.

"I live about a mile away from where the fire was, and walk the marshland area all the time" explained local environmental activist Jill Robinson, "I must say I have never seen camps set up in the area."

Robinson expressed her deep concern for the impact the damage might have caused on protected marshland species, telling Patch, "It's just such a sad situation."

Officials say encampments are often transient and can be set up and moved often.
markrpope January 04, 2014 at 12:06 PM
Interesting sloppy journalism. This article was written by a reporter who is quoting another reporter who works for a different company telling what an unnamed authority source "a fire chief" and possibly other unnamed "authorities" speculated, never bothering to use the word speculated in the article. Next time, please give the name of the person of authority, not "a fire chief", so we all know who is prejudiced against certain groups and jumps to conclusions based on assumptions based on prejudice. I assume the fire department is/was investigating the cause of the fire when they spoke to the neighbors. I too am going to speculate and guess that on the first day of Arson Investigation 101 they teach you not to plant ideas into potential witnesses heads as to who might be to blame, especially embarrassing when they tell a local news reporter information to the contrary. Maybe this "fire chief" and the other possible "authorities", if they exist, will be fired so they too can become homeless and get blamed for everything bad that happens in wealthy Mill Valley. I'll even speculate that since a Mill Valley businessman was recently arrested for murder the Mill Valley PD will now assume all murders are done by businessmen and suggest to every potential witness that it might have been a businessman. I love this quote "Officials say encampments are often transient and can be set up and moved often." Brilliant and just more proof as to the guilty party. If this was a crime TV show it would be the comedy equivalent of CSI. The quote was a bit redundant but I guess if you have no facts it's best to repeat your speculations to fill the minimum sound bite length.
Lindsey Hickman January 04, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Thanks for the suggestions markrpope- this was a follow up to the article below after a call from a resident with photos to share. This link will tell you the names you were interested in. It is also linked to the article above. http://sanrafael.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/fire-at-homeless-encampment-friday-morning-now-under-control-sanrafael


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