World Oceans Day!

The Tam High Ocean Conservation Club is hosting an event in honor of World Oceans Day on June 8th. We're hoping to involve the whole community and educate people of all ages about what you can do to help the oceans. Tell your family and friends and come enjoy the sun! 
Lesa Carmean May 07, 2014 at 10:06 PM
Why not have a "feel good and do good" positive affect on the ocean - everyday - by putting your litter securely into a garbage can instead of tossing it in the gutter, leaving it along the sidewalk or letting it languish on your school grounds! Look around Mill Valley, and trash is what you will begin to notice. Since our street runoff (rain, duh) goes directly into the bay via our creeks and estuaries, your plastic caps, bottles, snack wrappers and other stuff (cigarette butts?) pass through these cool places and then are carried off - out through the Bay and into the Pacific Ocean - where a massive plastic island exists that is larger than the state of Texas. In fact, oceanographers who are studying the problem are not sure exactly how large -or deep - it even is. The plastic that ends up there, sometimes ground down as fine as grains of sand, is routinely ingested by sea creatures, marine mammals, and birds which ultimately die, often from starvation. No kidding. Google it.


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