Thank you to a Family being raised correctly.

I work at Adobe Pet Hospital where we are trying to find a home for a darling busy dog that we rescued and repaired. We accept donations to offset his care.  
We always hear the negatives of youth so I  want the people of Mill Valley to know the kind hearts that this community and wonderful parents are producing. 
This week a client, Sylvia, (no last name listed since I didn't ask her permission) touched our hearts when she brought her two sons in to meet Milo and to donate their allowances for him. She has the boys donate on a regular basis to different charities and causes. The boys were happy to give to Milo and we were all touched by their generosity and graciousness. Thank you! You know who you are.  This world could use more people like you. 
Karen  from Adobe Pet Hospital, speaking for all of Milo's caretakers. 


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