Thank you! Found my kitty!!

Lella is home!!! Thank you to everyone who helped out there!!!

I've been thanking folks that I ran into on my search as much as I can and I completely forgot to post that here, too, sorry.

Two big take-aways I have (1) THANK YOU everyone! and (2) never give up on finding a lost kitty. It can take a while (like 3 weeks in my case) but I hear that folks often give up early, unlike with lost dogs.

Cats can be tricky: mine wasn't more than a stone's throw away, she is so timid and they say that a shy one won't even reply to the kind voice she knows and loves until she's really desperate.

I'm so happy I found her before all this rain too--it was torture enough to think of her lost out there, but wet and cold would be incredibly hard to bear.

Thank you again!!!!

P.S. I've removed all the signs I posted in stores and all I could find in the neighborhoods, if you know of any I forgot, do let me know and I'll track it down...
Diana Jansen February 10, 2014 at 12:50 PM
so happy you found your kitty - we lost our cat for three days and after posting signs in the neighborhood and checking with Humane Society every day, someone called and saw him on a roof. we think he had been there the entire time and never made a sound - got up on the roof but couldn't get down. you are right - never give up!
Julia Anne February 10, 2014 at 01:09 PM
Diana, thanks :-) In my search, I ran into someone whose cat had snuck into a neighbor's shed. They searched high and low for their baby and, finally, on day 4 he let out a big bunch of meows! Truly hang in there, anyone who is looking for a cat--your cat might be close and only ready to let you know when the fear subsides.
Annie February 10, 2014 at 03:50 PM
Julia, I love happy endings and am so thrilled for you and Lella.


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