Tennessee Valley Road traffic light

I writing to you to express my concerns over the new traffic light that has been put in place at the intersection of Tennessee valley road and highway one.   The new light is causing significant traffic delays making the commute into san francisco up to 30 minutes longer on a daily basis.   I suggest shutting this light down or running it only on weekends.  
Clayton Smith November 12, 2013 at 04:02 PM
To continue: The traffic count data from the study I referred to above tells us that the traffic volumes at Tam Junction even then rivaled the volumes at the Tiburon Exit on the freeway. In the 12 hour period between 7 AM and 7 PM, 14,500 vehicles pass through the intersection EACH DIRECTION! Do the Math. This is a rate of over 1,200 cars per hour, or 20 cars per minute in each direction, one car every 3 second in each direction. So turn on a traffic light for one minute and of course, you have 60 cars behind it. So, now the 60 cars stack up between Tennessee Valley Road and the Junction. Take away the light and they will stack up at Manzanita. The difference is that there are two lanes at Manzanita to accommodate the stacking. First, I would recommend a new traffic study, modeled on the one done previously. Second, we need to get some order into the flow at the Junction and down through the strip to Tennessee Valley Road. The existing chaos must be abated. And the bus stops have to be corrected so as to reduce their negative impact on the rest of us while they are letting of and taking on passengers. And median dividers must be installed across from the Arco station. We are tired of the abuse that business imposes on the rest of us.
Clayton Smith November 12, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Correction: The sentence beginning with "So turn on a traffic light for one minute..." should read "So turn on the traffic light for one minute and of course, you have 20 cars behind it. So, now the 20 cars stack up between.... ."
Schwing Nutter November 12, 2013 at 06:40 PM
The problem is some planner came up with a really bad idea and a bunch of people went along with it , you are saying that the new light is a safe solution I say that it is a problem waiting to happen a crosswalk on a blind curve in a 35 mph zone feels far from safe to me , a small tunnel would have been way safer for pedestrians and it would not have effected traffic. very to simple to engineer so it does not flood and people can cross safely 24/7
Clayton Smith November 12, 2013 at 08:05 PM
To Schwing Nutter: Yes, the pedestrian tunnel idea would go a ways towards resolving one part of the issue. In fact, when the tide is out and it hasn't been raining, under the bridge access is available. Biker have to walk their bikes. Horses are not possible and this upset the equestrian crowd. The bike riders wanted something that would allow them not to dismount. So when this was being hashed out the idea was scuttled. Obviously, the speed limit has to be reduced to 25 miles per hour and more notice given to the folks coming off the freeway that they are not now on some country road but traversing through a populated and congested area. A little bit of enforcement might go a long way. But the other point I have been making still stands, which is how people trying to get on Highway 1 from Tennessee Valley Road can do so safely? Neither you nor anyone else who has complained about this traffic light have show any concern for us. Oh, we hear the stock "we feel your pain" kind of stuff, but a genuine concern for our safety is not to be found. I was surprised when Mc Glashen agreed to it to begin with, but I think he was able to visualize the unseen parties. He did not see the incredible incompetence of Caltrans is executing what should have been a very easy transition to signalization. But neither did I. The light timing is not a difficult task, but government workers have come to demonstrate such a contempt for the rest of us that I think we should always expect the worst whenever we have dealings with them. They need to coordinate the signals in such a way that the traffic can clear and then load in a more efficient manner, but to do so they have to send someone here. For all the folks complaining about what you are seeing today, remember the more residential activity, the more traffic. A two lane road can only handle so much. The abrupt right turn at the Fireside was not there years ago. The County, when the built Fort Rose at the Fireside closed off what was a seamless entrance Southbound onto the freeway to appease the low income housing gods, housing we didn't need or what. So now when it floods.... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The big question really is how did we get the government we got? Is this arrogance, insensitivity and incompetence what we deserve? Why are our local politicians and the bureaucracy that is supposed to serve them so out of touch with the reality the rest of us live in? Why do the voters think that writing about this endless litany of government failures is enough, or that voting is enough? In the last election our supervisor ran unopposed. What did she do with all her unnecessary campaign contributions? It just goes on and on. We live in essentially a one party state, which is in turn breeding a host of "rotten boroughs." The principle agenda at the Civic Center is how they can transform our communities into something their planner friends have design to better control us. The millennial generation have a point in their occupy movement. We older boomers should listen up.
John Larner December 30, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Clayton, Yes there are many issues around traffic & government in Tam Valley, but the cause of the current traffic backups is clearly the new lights, period. When they went in, suddenly the usual problems became much worse. The timing needs to be adjusted, cross streets made blinking yellow at rush hours, SOMETHING! The convenience of a few hundred residents who use Tennessee Valley Road should not outweigh the HUGE inconvenience of the thousands who use Hwy. 1 and Almonte. Bike riders & peds who need to cross safely at Tennessee Valley can just wait longer - i don't see very many of them using the cross walk anyway, esp. at rush hours. Again, over-concern about safety, and the convenience of the few, should not override the needs of the many.


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