Merging on Blithedale...

Just a friendly reminder to all my neighbors out there.
In the morning, when those of us on the south side of Blithedale have a green light as well as those of you on the north side of Blithedale...it's a neighborly policy to let both sides of traffic get through the green light.  Folks merging from Tower Drive tend to dominate the intersection.  And, for some reason, the meek and mild from Kipling tend to let them go forth...thereby making it impossible to get through a green light in the morning, even though we do have a green light.
What ends up happening is that the traffic from Tower comes through and uses only one lane of Blithedale.  So, those of us on Kipling cannot come out even though there is an entire lane left. 
Folks, get through the intersection, work with us and then signal for your lane change after the intersection.  It's Driving 101, as well as courteous behavior toward your neighbor on the other side.  Will this letter make a difference?  Who knows. 


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