Earthly Nutrition vitamin store - MV

What's going on with this place? I have shopped here for years (it was previously Vitamin Express) and have noticed that the store has gone downhill since it was bought by Earthly Nutrition.  It makes me sad, because the long-time, knowledgable employees have disappeared and  I no longer can find some of the products that I used to get there. 

In my opinion it now just feels like "any other" store - and not part of the MV community.  Does anyone else feel the same?
PJ Post November 11, 2013 at 05:33 AM
Have to disagree-- it's the only nutrition store in Marin that still carries an independent selection of brands and products. Whole Foods has just a boilerplate and very sketchy assortment of nutritional supplements. This is a small local "chain" (two stores?) and they're very responsive to customer wishes! Its former owner, Vitamin Express, still exists as two stores in San Francisco. Your dunning this little store is not good for our attempts to get businesses local again. Even the last holdout other than this, Bon Air Health, closed when the owner retired. If your problem is the employee quality, note that they are paid at barely minimum wage, and do their best to keep up. They are very human people who care about nutrition, even if they aren't following cutting edge research in their spare time. So kudos to them for being there. And kudos to the fairly new owners for taking on this store with a minimum profit margin! It's hard to fight against the huge online bargain websites for nutritional supplements--- as hard as it is for local bookstores like Book Passage.
Sausalito Maven November 12, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Wanting to chime in here...as a longtime customer of Vitamin Express, (when I lived in the City I shopped with them) I was saddened when the new owners of Earthly Nutrition got rid of some of the long time employees of Vitamin Express. It definitely seems corporate feel to it now (their base/corporate office is in the East Bay)...I didn't like their new "member pricing"...silly and seems very Safeway-ish. By the way I also shop for vitamins at the Miller Ave. Whole Foods and I don't find their stuff "sketchy" at all. Where did you come up with that?? In fact I've gotten good advice from the staff there on occasion. Just my .02...


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