Clover Lawns Make a Come Back !

Americans are in love with their grassy green lawns but in a time of water conservation can this verdant ideal be sustainable ? Fortunately there is a way. Clover once the mainstay of American lawns is making a come back.This humble plant grows well in adverse conditions and requires a fraction of the water  used by traditional grasses. It needs no pampering, is resistant to pet urine and actually puts nitrogen back into the soil. If consumed by curious toddlers, (everything goes in the mouth)it won't be covered in pesticides. Pesticides are not only dangerous to humans but are one of the few things that can kill this sturdy plant.
If this is not enough to make you love clover just think of it as an easy way to have a lawn and make the world a little greener.
Happy Earth Day !  New Friends and Family Code Green14


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