Mill Valley’s “Photographer Laureate” Dies

Suki T. Hill was just 12 days shy of her 73rd birthday.

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For 50 years, Suki T. Hill’s photographs documented the world’s musicians and her Mill Valley neighbors. Her book, “Mill Valley, Then and Now,” celebrated the latter (and their forbears).

Suki spent the night of June 13 at home with her brother Ted, her daughter Abigail, her son Zachary, her daughter-in-law Sara, Abigail’s partner Laura, her grandkids Lyla and Giovani, and the man she described as her “stalwart of stalwarts" Charles Keppel. On Saturday morning, 12 days shy of her 73rd birthday, she died peacefully, surrounded by Abby, Zack, Sara and her beloved grandchildren.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Suki moved to Mill Valley in 1965 after earning a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of California. Earlier she earned a bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence. She always said it was her fellow members of the Muir Woods Park Improvement Association – ardent hikers all – who re-awakened her muse. Soon her photographs appeared on album covers, posters, magazine and newspaper articles and fashion ads, and, in time, art exhibits. ​
Suki was also a portrait photographer who captured her subjects’ character in a way that prompted them to smile and say, “you got me.” Music to her ears and this was a source of many clients in her later years. In fact, she continued to create discerning photographic portraits even after she was diagnosed with the cancers that caused her death.

Her daughter and son plan to host a memorial service in mid-July. Those who think they might like to attend should email Zachary Hill at zackhill@mac.com or Abby Hill at abbyhh@gmail.com for date, time and place.  They ask that those who wish to make a memorial contribution direct it to St. Vincent’s in San Rafael.

A lifelong friend sums up what a lot of people's experience may have been with Suki, "You have been an angel in my life, a driving spirit. Made me stronger, made me believe in magic, bliss and encouraged a constant sense of wonderment in the world, arts,creating and being surrounded by beauty and beautiful kind people.
"We love you madly Suki!  You will be missed dearly!

Laura Chariton June 18, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Suki was one of the precious souls leaving a profound legacy to our community - Muir Woods Park and Mill Valley. Her prolific, insightful and moving visual contributions to us will allow her wonderful spirit to live on. We will miss her so much.
Belle Jacopi June 19, 2014 at 06:34 PM
Rest in Peace Suki. You made an impression in my life as well as others. A very kind soul...See you on the other side. Love you...


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