Discouraged Voter?

As a Romney voter, this woman may get skinned alive in Marin County!

As I sit here finishing up my latest painting, off work with a knee injury for weeks, waiting for surgery, I am discouraged about VOTER DAY.

I have done my homework, checking things out with my sis in Colorado — her husband was a state legislator for several years and keeps up on the political front like no other in our family. Well here goes, they went to SEE Rick Santorum, Obama and Ryan so far. Rick was my first choice after Bachmann ... Oh, I hear the groans coming from all my liberal "fans" in Marin now.

After much study online, with sis, and with the movie at the Northgate mall, Obama's America 2016, I KNOW I am not voting for him again. I did last time and even bought his buttons, donated from my low income, and thought a man of color was the "ticket." OMG, is that how they say it?

OMG, Obama is the one NOT to vote for this time. Yes, he is cute at times. He is a good father ... well, that depends on his girls, he listened to about gay marriage?? What father takes the PRESIDENT lead over what his kids told him was right at the dinner table?

I'm an old radical, and yes, a rascal too — I went to ACLU meetings, political meetings, marches and the like. I went to money raise for Kathleen Brown in my distant past. But this time around, I am wearing a Republican coat!  

If you hate Romney because he is rich well, Obama is a multimillionaire, also!

It has been said that Obama is gutting America, ending our prayers, and for gay marriage as well as abortions. I have too much knowledge about all of those to say yes to them, or any person who runs for office with those issues in their "yes" column. I will at this point vote for most anyone other than Obama.

Enough said, I am sure my car tires will be flat before morning, my back will have a knife in it, and my American flag may get burned before Nov. 5. 

Just please remember: This is our FREEDOM to vote who we believe in. 

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Jane Gray December 01, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Yes Betty, thanks for the noticing it,,,,, isn't it great that so many wanted to talk about their reasons for their voting for whomever? I am so glad people came out and talked, good bad or in between, we made lots of comments. God bless you, jane
Jane Gray December 01, 2012 at 04:52 AM
One example tonight jumped out at me, how the liberal media makes things "sound" so good,,,,,,,,,,, "Is Marijuana Responsible For California's Drop In Youth Crime?" (no the article goes on to state the fact that they loosened the laws have made the difference.)
Jane Gray December 02, 2012 at 10:57 PM
IT will never end................This election defeat occurred in part because Obama's best friends at Planned Parenthood spent millions on his re-election. Did you know the abortion giant spent $15 million from its political coffers to get Obama re-elected?They are all too happy to keep tearing the unborn from women,, such "women's rights" for the female babies? This all should be left with the doctor, the parents if under aged, and the mothers who are giving up so so much. This is not done for the child, but for those who find the child " unwanted " and the Obama's are a very big part of it,,,,,,but oh, what if we did not get all that money Barack? She said....." Happy Holidays child, but we just don't want you"..........and we don't care that there are millions of folks who would love you and care for you with adoption......... God bless the "unwanted children"... jane
Jane Gray December 02, 2012 at 11:01 PM
I about "gagged" when a friend said "Oh , but Michele Obama has done so many good things" ---Like accepting Planned Parenthood?
Jane Gray December 02, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Oh the Christmas holidays are here once again,, the cold always adds to the Season, running around all over shopping for more and more China made items perhaps? The manger scene is being outlawed in different states and places. Pretty soon we will have only our own Nativity scenes in our homes to remember....... and those pesky bibles? We will one day have to hide them, not use them, and don't sing any real Christian songs out in public,,,,opp's there goes the Christmas---no--" HOLIDAY" caroling! But just think ahead, we have Lady GAGA to tell our children they are okay, she puts herself as the head of Gay Rights, and sinful children, half naked to do her "thing", and then there will always be the Springsteen's ,Snoop dogs, rap and crap to tell us that Obama, Abortions,and POT use is okay, that abortions are on demand, that we shall not sing about ourSavior,,,,as though all that would diminish God? Fat Chance Hollyweirds, you can flaunt, haunt, rant , support and taunt with all your bucks, but God is sovereign and always will be. OH hark the Hearld Angels sing,, Glory to the New born King!


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