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How Hot Will Monday Get? Post Your Max Temps Here!

This car thermometer hit 100 degrees in parts of the North Bay Sunday, and forecasters say it'll get even hotter today. If you see high temps on your thermometer, snap a photo and share it here, telling us where you are and the time of day.

Hot enough for you? If Sunday wasn't, Monday might be, according to the National Weather Service, which warns in a "special weather statement" that temperatures could exceed 100 degrees in the warmer inland valleys.

Let's see if we're in one of those warmer spots: Snap a photo of your thermometer, at home or in the car, and tell us where you were and what time of day it was. Or just leave a comment.

Suggestions for how to beat the heat are also welcome. How do you handle the super-sultry days? We'd love to know.

Rico October 02, 2012 at 02:09 AM
I don't have an outside thermometer, but inside my house it was 77 degrees with my passive air cooling system that I rigged up myself (it draws 3 amps @120 volts per hour). But, this was the first day this year that I played hooky and went to Stinson Beach at around 1 pm after chores in the morning like watering the yard and street garden. It was very pleasant at Stinson, I went in the ocean 4 times and had a wonderful invigorating day. I love the ocean, and on a real hot day that is where I want to be. I took a walk after lunch at the Parkside down to the south end to "the rocks" , saw starfish, mussels and tiny jellyfish. I would guess that it was about 82 degrees F at Stinson today. I wish that I could go back there tomorrow, but I am booked up for work for the rest of the year, so today was my day. If it is going to be hot tomorrow, anyone who possibly can get out of work or leave school early should seize the opportunity, because we don't have many CBDs (Classic Beach Days) round heah. By the way, I noticed that the air was crystal clear everywhere, maybe some people really have quit smoking cigarettes !


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