Where Was the Original Dipsea Cafe?

Mill Valley Historical Society holds its annual history walk on May 27, taking a walking tour of old and current restaurants and bars.

The has been at its currently location in Tam Valley for 21 years. 

That is a literal lifetime for any high schooler or young college student. But for old-time Dipsea runners, they will remember the early days when the restaurant was in its infancy. Opened in 1986 by John and Cori Siotos, the original location was on the south side of the El Paseo walkway. 

That location is currently occupied by . The original Dipsea Café was tiny and popular. Many Dipsea runners in the spring would run to the top of Cardiac on Saturday morning, turn around and run back to Mill Valley and have breakfast at the Dipsea Café. It was a full morning of “Dipsea.” 

The location at the El Paseo was about one-third the size of the current restaurant in Tam Junction. The move to the current location took place in July 1991.

Join the Mill Valley Historical Society on May 27 for their annual history walk, taking a walking tour of old and current restaurants and bars. You will learn much more about the Dispea Café (Did you know that in the 1970’s there was an ice cream shop in the El Paseo, where actor and comedian Robin Williams once scooped cones? Guess where?), as well as 70 other eating establishments that at one time occupied locations downtown.

The walks start at 9:30 a.m. at the , and leave every 30 minutes up until 3:30 p.m. No reservations required. Members (who pay a measly $15 a year) will pay the walking price of $7. Non members are charged a $10.


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