Tibet Bazaar Opens Quietly on Throckmorton

Shop is second location for East Bay-based Chimi Lama, whose inventory includes jewelry, clothing, masks and home accessories.

As  of Dave McDonald’s Pleasure Principle from 74 Throckmorton Ave. in March, the arrival of its replacement, the space’s first new tenant in 44 years, was resoundingly quiet.

Tibet Bazaar, the second location of Richmond resident Chimi Lama’s Tibetan-themed gift shop, opened this week at 74 Throckmorton with little of the fireworks that accompanied the . 

As Lama greeted guests and organized inventory at his store, the spare, polished space bore little resemblance to the famously cluttered look of McDonald’s novelty gift, jewelry and adult paraphernalia boutique. On March 23,  and he was arrested by undercover narcotics agents on . The substances seized later for what they were purported to be, but McDonald related to his alleged attempt to sell illegal narcotics. He's back in court Jan. 12 with a jury trial set for April.

“I’ve heard a few stories but I don’t know too much,” the low-key Lama said about his storefront’s history.

Lama, 34, opened his first Tibet Bazaar in Oakland's Piedmont district several years ago. He said he’s been looking for a second location and knew about the Mill Valley area because he used to work at a now-defunct rug shop on Miller Avenue.

“It’s a nice area and a good fit for us,” he said.

Building owner Steve McNamara declined to comment on the opening but Lama said he signed a five-year lease on the space.

The 411: Tibet Bazaar is located at 74 Throckmorton Ave. and is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week. (415) 381-2211.


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