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Melanoma Cases Soar in Marin County

Smart Meter Opt-Out Deadline is Tuesday

Controversial program continues to generate angst among homeowners.

PG&E wants to hear from you. Today.

If you don't want the SmartMeter they installed on the side of your house - and they've installed a lot of them - the company wants to hear from you before tomorrow.

According to information on their website, May 1 is the company's deadline to opt out of the program.

The metering systems are being installed as part of a nationwide "smart grid" in 25 states around the country, according to California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey.

The SmartMeters have generated currents of controversy ever since PG&E began installing them without notifying residents. Opponents of the meters argue that the meters emit harmful electromagnetic signals and radiation, and that FCC standards don't go far enough. Critics have also raised concerns about the privacy and data security issues related to the meters, and about .

Leaving the SmartMeter program, and telling PG&E you want to have the older analog meter re-installed at your home, will cost you. , customers electing to keep analog meters will be assessed an initial fee of $75 and a monthly charge of $10. Low-income customers can opt out of the Smart Meter program for an initial fee of $10 and an ongoing monthly charge of $5.

PG&E considers the SmartMeters to be an essential upgrade to customer service, making the distribution system more reliable. The meters record homeowner energy use in great detail. Once an account is set up on the PG&E website, an electric customer can get close to a real-time estimate of energy begin used at their home.

What do you think? Are you comfortable with a SmartMeter?

Inside9 May 01, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Its the old "we'll break your kneecaps unless you pay" extortion. I know people who had to move out of their homes because of physical symptoms caused by the meters. Now you get to pay PG&E to not hurt you, a move fully supported by the Public Utilities Commission. Criminal!
Rico May 02, 2012 at 01:05 AM
No, I don't have a SmartMeter and never will. I never opted into the program, never ordered a SmartMeter and have absolutely no use for one at all. I know that I have been charged a "socialized cost" to pay for the unwanted meters to be installed on every customers home who allows it. That was the $2.2 Billion rate increase to pay for the program. Now, PG&E wants to charge me a "socialized cost" to pay for the removal of the unneeded meters on other peoples houses, not mine. Why should I have to pay twice for a product that I never ordered, never took delivery of, and have no use for ? Something is wrong with this picture, that is not honest business and salesmanship, it is a seller trying to force the sale by mafia like tactics, dictating to the customers what they have to buy. Well, I'm not going to accept it, and I think that a rebate is in order for the first fraudulent charge, and that the second charge will be rescinded. This deal is not final, it may be tied up in the courts for a year or more. People now have the choice to opt in at anytime in the future, like MEA, or they can opt out at anytime in the future if they were tricked into opting in. Someone should file a complaint with the California State Consumer Affairs Division and the Better Business Bureau. This deceitful campaign launched by PG&E needs to be stopped. An example must be set, and that would be that California will not tolerate fraudulent business practices, for any transaction whatsoever.


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