Readers' Choice: The Best Gym/Health Club in Mill Valley

Whether you crave the hypnotic whir of the treadmill or prefer swinging a kettle bell, the options for getting toned in Mill Valley are plentiful.

Where do you go when your favorite Mill Valley trail is a little too muddy?

Vote on your top spot for fitnesss salvation.

The nominees for the best gym/health club in Mill Valley are:

Frank Lurz August 17, 2012 at 03:33 PM
If this is not a scientific poll, then why is it being taken? Don't legitimate, reliable results matter? If they do, why isn't a scientific poll being taken? Who benefits from unscientific polls? Think about it!
Uncle Fishbits August 17, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Frank... I am pretty sure that every single one of these "best of the bay" or "Top in the city" polls, across the United States, are less about scientific polling, and more about celebrating the community. There is zero rigor in these things, but for example - if you put barriers to voting, no one would vote. A unscientific poll with a few 100 votes might be more relevant than a scientific poll with 2 votes. I am all about meaningful data, but I don't think anyone really thinks these polls are supposed to be held to the same rigor as other polling.


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