Photographer Suki Hill Turns Focus to Mill Valley Market Employees

Photos unveiled in window display outside store, with plans to post them on large vinyl banners similar to that of Hill’s “Mill Valley at Work” exhibit at 142 Throckmorton Theatre.

To Mill Valley photographer Suki Hill, the workers who keep our stores, cafes and restaurants thriving are the backbone of the 94941.

She has an extra special place in her heart for the employees of , where she’s been stopping for more than 35 years.

One year after her who start their days before most of us and propel the town in ways that are easy to miss, Hill has unveiled her collection of photos of Mill Valley Market’s employees taken over the past two years.

“The store is like family to me,” Hill says. “I have been shopping there for 35 years. I know all the employees, and they all know me.”

Those employees span more than four decades at the market, from co-owners Doug and Dave Canepa and 37-year veteran Bob Hughes to more recent arrivals like sons Ryan and Wesley Canepa – even Canepa cousin Chris Franceschini, who began working there two weeks ago.

“She’s a sweetheart lady and she takes beautiful photos,” said Mill Valley Market co-owner Doug Canepa. “She really knows how to capture the heart and soul of people.”

The Canepas hope Hill, a 2007 recipient of a Milley Award who has chronicled the people and places of Mill Valley for years, can post the photos on large vinyl banners similar to that of her at .

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Erin September 03, 2012 at 01:48 PM
This is such a wonderful effort! Thank you to Mill Valley Market for being such a mainstay in our community and to Suki for publicly "celebrating" these wonderful folks.
Carolina Sputo September 04, 2012 at 01:32 AM
but things are so expensive! WHO shops there? Rocks stars? WE shop at Whole Food or Safeway, Mollie stones good for sale items only, cashier at Mollie's and managersare very arrogant and snob!


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