New Name for the Mill Valley Art Commission? City Council to Hear Report Tonight

The Art Commission is considering an updated name that reflects its new partnership with the Mill Valley Recreation Department.

The Art Commission by any other name will still be the Art Commission. Right?

Perhaps. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. during the first City Council meeting of the year, the commission will give a presentation that includes the possibility of changing the organization's name to better reflect the integration of the program into the Mill Valley Recreation Department.

Some possible names include "Art & Recreation Department" and "Community and Cultural Services Department."

"Art Commissioners felt a new name would provide better integration and visibility within publicity and outreach efforts, help grow arts-specific programming and arts-specific staffing within the department, and provide a contemporary update to the "outdated" identity of this recently reorganized city department," according to the supplemental material in the City Council agenda packet.

Throughout 2012, the Art Commission worked with new Recreation Director Jenny Rogers to integrate their program into the Recreation Department, which has led to additional staff, space for storage and archives, and an expanded social network and promotions. The Commission hopes to refresh it's ranks with more people who are experienced in social media, graphic design, web design and marketing, and existing members have been involved in establishing priorities for the Mill Valley General Plan update.

The Commission also set it's own goals for this year, which include better integration with city organizations to hold more public events and grow participation, developing an internship program for aspiring artists with web talent, establishing temporary art installations in public areas in Mill Valley, and better defining the Art Commission's role in the Milley Awards.

Also on the agenda:

  • Introduce Mallory Boggs, the City’s new Police Department Communications Clerk.
  • Consider resolutions that include a financial services agrreement with Wulff Hansen and Co., adopting a complete streets policy, accepting the completion of the 2010 Edgewood Avenue Resurfacing Project, and accpeting the competion of storm drain improvements at Marsh Drive.


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