Local Entrepreneur and Teen Filmmakers Link Up for IndieGogo Campaign

Mill Valley resident Aldo Castaneda is working with local teens to promote a new line of sustainable travel containers.

Mill Valley resident Aldo Castaneda has launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund the creation of a line of glass-lined travel containers that are 100 percent reusable and recyclable. The earth-friendly vessel will be created by Castaneda’s new start-up, “JyARz.”

Why the “y,” you ask? The company’s name is a play on the word “Gyres,” the swirling ocean currents in which plastic waste is accumulating.

An attorney by training, Castenada entered unfamiliar territory when he set out to design a patent pending travel jar. His goal is to do his part in helping to eradicate the single-use plastic container.

“We are filling our oceans with plastic, it's breaking down into small bits and being incorporated into the marine food chain at the zooplankton level," Casteneda said. "We must end this cycle or it may end us."

When Casteneda needed an ace video production team to film a promotional spot for his campaign, he turned to the best filmmakers he knew - students Andrew Fuchs and Nick Goldman.

Fuchs and Goldman created their video production company GoldenFoxFilms earlier this year. Since its inception, the duo has completed projects for a variety of clients including Pacific Union, Bodega, and more recently, JyARz.

In 2009 Fuchs received his first video camera and began filming his brother’s soccer matches.

“I went to every single game and made a video for the team that season. It was horrible, but I was only 11,” says Fuchs. He hopes to continue to produce movies in high school and beyond.

You can view the campaign here on IndieGogo.


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