Are You a Local Business Owner? See How Mill Valley Patch Can Help Promote You

Mill Valley Patch offers business owners a chance to add photos, videos, menus and special promotions to our free business directory.

Calling all Mill Valley business owners: Have you claimed your listing on Mill Valley Patch? You can take charge of your own page and put up events, sales and notices about what's happening at your store. 

Local businesses get extra bonuses when they claim their free listing.

To claim a listing, sign into the site and search for your business in our business directory under Places. Underneath the photos of a listing, there is a box with the question: Do you own or manage this location?

Just click Claim it! Within a few days, someone from Mill Valley Patch will contact you to verify your authenticity. You'll then be approved as the business owner and will see a "Manage Your Listing" button.

From there, you have lots of options to add photos, see your statistics and edit the listing.

Here are the tools you'll see and what they mean:

Your Stats:

Here you can see how many users have rated, reviewed or follow your listing. You can email your customers to seek out more reviews, and link the Patch Place to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Edit Listing:

Add photos, website information, hours of operation, contact information and more under the "basic info" tab. Some of this information cannot be changed, but you can request a new description if you think your business is inaccurately described.

Choose "extra info" to add information like the founding date of your business, what kinds of payments you accept, parking information and more.

Manage Photos & Media:

Here you can add and edit photos and choose which image is featured. If you have a video or PDFs, you would add that here.


You can see what people have to say about your business and respond to reviews.

Paid Tools:

You can upgrade your listing with a video profile, add a message from the owner and become a featured business on the Places page for a fee. You can learn more about these options and see how to get in touch with a sales team member.

Claim your listing today to help keep Mill Valley Patch users up to date with your company and keep your listing looking fresh.

Questions? Contact Brigitte at brigitte.center@patch.com


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