Alpha Dog's Erin Seavey Is a Dog Lover Like Few Others

Alpha Dog co-owner Erin Seavey discusses the local community and why she's so dedicated to man's best friend.

Erin Seavey has been running downtown Mill Valley's since April. A Marin native who grew up in Novato, Seavey recently returned to the Bay Area after 11 years of living in Colorado. She discusses her thoughts on the Mill Valley community and her love of, you guessed it, man's (and woman's) furry best friend. 

Mill Valley Patch: What brought you to Mill Valley?
Erin Seavey: I moved to Mill Valley not only to be close to the shop, but because I know it's such a great dog community and the town has to much to offer. I love the access to the trails, the beach, and the easy commute to the city. 

MVP: Why dogs?
ES: Why not dogs? Your dog is truly your best friend and they make you smile. I've never been more myself then when I'm around dogs and they bring such a beautiful perspective to the world.

MVP: What is this perspective?
ES: Their care-free spirit, their love for adventure and their constant loyalty to those who care for them.

MVP: Can you tell me a little about your dog?
ES: My dog's name is Ruby and she is a Golden Retriever. She will be two years old this August. She's the funniest dog I know and always keeps me on my toes!

MVP: How do you feel about cats?
ES: I really like cats, but have never had the true experience of caring for one. I'm sure they would grow on me just as easily as a dog, but my cat allergies don't make that easy.

MVP: What is your favorite thing about Mill Valley?
ES: I appreciate the beauty and endless opportunities to get out and be active with your dog. I also love Mill Valley's history with music and appreciate so many of the local musicians that made such a huge impact here.

MVP: What do you think about dog culture in Mill Valley?
ES: The dog culture in this community is very much what I expected. People care for their dogs as they would their children, if not better. They are extremely focused on the safety and health of their pets and they can find everything they need to achieve that well-being right here in Mill Valley. Overall, I think the culture here has a very progressive mind-set in regards to their dogs health, happiness and safety and it's pretty cool to be part of it all! 

MVP: What would you be doing if you weren't running Alpha Dog?
ES: I would probably brainstorming another way to tap into the dog world. I once contemplated starting my own doggy day care or dog walking company, but fortunately things worked out the way they were supposed to.

MVP: What's your favorite product currently sold in the store?
ES: Our dog beds. They are truly one-of-a-kind and it's so fun helping customers put together their very own style with the millions of fabric choices! 

MVP: What's in your iPod/stereo/turntable?
ES: I love all music, but currently my iPod would be playing Jerry Garcia Band, Beck, Bob Marley, Crosby Stills and Nash, Big Gigantic and the list goes on and on.

MVP: If you could change one thing in or about Mill Valley, what would it be?
ES: The lack of places you can bring your dog to when you want to grab something to eat or drink. I have to give props to the because they are the only one I know who allow it! I know the dog community here would surely appreciate more dog-friendly restaurants. 

mdwalters1 August 07, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Try Super Duper Burger in MIll Valley and Tiburon Tavern— both have dog-friendly porches...


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