Tower Road Traffic Signal on Timer as County Begins Road Resurfacing Project

County staff will monitor the signal timer at East Blithedale Ave. and Tower Road to ensure traffic flows normally.

The traffic signal at Tower Road and East Blithedale Ave. is on a timer today as Marin County begins a road resurfacing project that will last until the end of October. County staff will monitor the signal timer so that traffic flows normally.

The project, funded in part by the 2012 Measure A 1/2 Cent Sales Tax, includes installing a new pavement surface, corner curb ramps, and traffic pavement markings on Tower Road, Shell Road, Meadow Road and Plaza Drive.

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Mari October 02, 2012 at 10:33 PM
awesome. Thanks!
Rico October 03, 2012 at 12:09 AM
A bit confusing. When they say "on a timer", does that mean it it is now being temporarily isolated from the Caltrans signals ? Or does it simply mean that is being changed from being a semi-actuated or fully actuated controller to a pre- timed controller program ? Lets hope the County of Marin traffic engineers monitor that intersection controller carefully, because pre-timed control can really bog down traffic. The problem being, that with a set pre-timed schedule, the controller will stop traffic on E. Blithedale to service Kipling/Tower whether there is a call for service (traffic on the side streets) or not. That is going to make many motorists frustrated when getting the red when there is no call for it. Personally, I think it is just an experiment that will not work out, but it may be necessary as deemed by the county during the construction. No doubt that it will have to monitored and adjusted, there is no one size fits all on a high volume intersection like that. Lets at least hope that it is only on a pre-timed schedule during construction hours, and then reverts back to being fully actuated after hours.


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