Rain Expected to Fall Through Saturday

At the tail end of a winter mostly absent of rain comes a week-long shower that has brought nearly 8 inches of rain to Marin.

Keep that umbrella close by because the rain is expected to keep pounding Marin and the Bay Area for a few more days.

According to the National Weather Service, steady rainfall is expected across much of the region through Saturday. City of Mill Valley officials earlier this week.

In a winter mostly absent of rain, it is finally here, after weeks of abundant sunshine. Forecaster Steve Anderson said that a series of storms will be moving through the area with only a few breaks in rainfall.

Anderson said, however, that significant flooding is unlikely.

"It's been dry so long that the rain hasn't really had any impact, other than some local mudslides," he said.

Since the wet weather began Tuesday, Marin County has borne the brunt of the rainfall, with 7.8 inches measured there, Anderson said. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, 8.1 inches has fallen, compared to 1.3 inches in San Francisco.

As for forecasts beyond Saturday, the models used by the weather service are in disagreement about whether more rain is on the way, forecaster Christine Riley said.

"It doesn't look as likely ... but we're still really uncertain right now," Riley said.

--Bay City News Service


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