Quake and Tsunami in Japan: How to Help

A list of reputable organizations mobilizing to help the victims of the massive Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The destruction, death, fear and chaos are almost unimaginable, yet brought to us with gripping immediacy via web videos and TV. As people along the U.S. Pacific coast assess local damage from last week’s tsunami, and generally sigh in relief, our thoughts go out to the people of Japan as we search for ways to help.

The on Miller Ave., whose members practice the Jodo Shinshu sect of Japanese Buddhism, is in the midst of developing a response in conjunction with the Buddhist Churches of America, according to temple president Larry Shaw. In the meantime, Shaw suggests making a direct $10 donation to the Japanese Red Cross by texting the words "Red Cross" to 90999.

"It's a very robust organization and they're on the ground and already at work as we speak," Shaw said.

There are others ways to help, and we've compiled a list of nonprofit organizations providing relief in Japan. Check their websites for details.


Unfortunately, natural disasters bring out all kinds of requests for donations. Many are legitimate, but not all. Here’s a list of nonprofit organizations with handy online tools for checking the reputation of charitable organizations. If you’re unsure of a group asking for your help, these are ways you may be able to learn more.



Local helping efforts are also springing up, and many are working with larger relief organizations. Please let us know at jimw@patch.com or in the comments box if you know of Mill Valley-specific reflief efforts.


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